Tamara Lich

In so many ways, Convoy spokesman Tamara Lich became the face of peaceful dissent in Canada. John Carpay, President of the Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, represented her and other Convoy protesters. As Canadians consider the wins and losses on the freedom file during 2022, he draws upon his own family's experience in Holland during the Second World War to conclude that resistance is to government overreach may be costly, but is never futile.

The Second World War fascinates me, in large part because all four of my grandparents suffered through the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, from 1940 to 1945.

My grandfather was also a prisoner of war in a German camp. He returned to the Netherlands in 1945 as a mere shell of his former self, both physically and mentally. Some of his scars never healed; the kind, jovial, fun-loving practical jokester from the pre-war years was gone forever.


John Carpay is a Columnist for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in Calgary, Alberta. He is also President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and the former Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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Even though it so often feels like a losing battle, I believe these words from Mr. Carpay can inspire:

"Pro-freedom Canadians need to continue spreading truth to open-minded friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members. Those who cherish a free and prosperous society must continue communicating with our MPs and our provincial politicians, even if our message sometimes falls on deaf ears."


Thanks John for another excellent column. I think the sure sign of tyranny is when a government continually creates a crisis and then claims to be able

To implement policy to “fix” the crisis they deliberately started, and make no mistake

Canada is living under tyranny, Trudeau and his Liberals are deliberately creating crisis after crisis and implementing more and more draconian legislation to “fix it” from energy cost crisis, inflation crisis, cost

Of living crisis, healthcare crisis, food crisis, violent crime crisis, these are all created by this this Liberal regime, and this is exactly how tyrants and dictators work, self made crisis after crisis with ever increasing restrictions on our freedoms to “fix”

These problems that the liberals are solely responsible for. Once any freedom is taken away by a government you will never get it back.


Great article, couldn't agree more.


This is was the rallying cry during lockdowns and mandates. "Once any freedom is taken away by a government you will never get it back."

And yet all those freedoms have been restored.

Another election is coming up and people will be able to vote any 'dictators' or 'tyrants' out of office. Canada is just a regular functioning democracy that applied pandemic rules like all the other democracies (and yes, dictatorships). Humans take shelter from storms and they also take shelter from viruses.


very good piece. And many thanks to John for the work that he has done and continues to do. JCCF is on my list for support in the new year.

Weyland Yutani

I sent the JCCF $100 yesterday, and another $100 to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Also maxed out my donation to the PPC for the year.



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