Artur Pawlowski

Artur Pawlowski speaks outside the Alberta Legislature, heaping condemnation on Danielle Smith and Rachel Notley.

Artur Pawlowski fashions himself a Christian street preacher.

He's been on the Calgary scene for some time, often appearing as a pain in the municipality's butt for minor bylaw infractions. His views have at times trod well beyond the politically incorrect into the genuinely hateful. 

Publisher, President & CEO

Derek Fildebrandt is Publisher, President & CEO of Western Standard New Media Corp. based in the Calgary Headquarters. He served from 2015-2019 as an Alberta MLA & Wildrose finance critic. From 2009-2014 he worked for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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Edward S

Artur doesn't exactly have a track record of "skipping town"; what a joke. How exactly is he a charlatan? What?! You may not like his personality, but how can you claim Artur hasn't made personal sacrifices? Who has made more sacrifices?! What has Danielle Smith done to deserve such undying allegiance; absolutely nothing! I guess the western standard is Smith's personal news letter now. I am not planning on voting for Artur, but this political hit-job is enough to make me quit this subscription, and I am not one to say things like that. You may not like his personality but this is stupid. How can you know what Artur's motives are? Why don't you hold Smith accountable for appointing Shandro and do some real journalism? Pathetic article.

AB Sovereignty

I found Arthur's role in the early stages of the Plandemic important. Standing against the state and it's AHS henchmen needed to be done, and needed to be seen. Bravo to him for that.

However, over the last year or so his motives and actions are questionable. A victim of his own recent popularity perhaps. In any case, the person I saw as one of integrity early in the Plandemic has since acted in ways to discredit himself and his cause.


The bright spotlight he was under seems to have got to him, and he ended up throwing Smith under the bus when, at great personal risk, she extended a helpful hand. Backstabbing her like that was a huge mistake, reminding us all he's just a man, as are we all. But let's not forget that, when push came to shove, it was Artur and Ezra that got together and crawled right up Kenney's main avenue, where they put him in a chokehold that ended his 25yr political career. They were on their own, and never asked for anything back. I'm not saying the way he treated Smith was right. I'm just saying maybe we all owe him an inch or three of slack.


They may be an offshoot of the Brand Hinminians.


Pawlowski is a nut bar, he's always been a nut bar but he's becoming increasingly more unhinged. As much as I'm a libertarian and very much against government intervention, I think this narcissist should be locked up for as much his own good as to protect from the damage he's doing to society. Please please, for God's sake, tune this lunatic out and stop giving him the attention he craves


I totally agree


Mr. Fildebrandt. While you make some true and valid statements, you then destroy any credibility you had to make those statements. We all know "Branch Arturians" is a reference to "Branch Davidians", the nutbar cult that wanted to fight the FBI. Labeling ALL people who have a place in their heart for Pastor Artur as "Branch Arturians" is low - something I expect from the NDP and Rachel Notley. I find it riduclous that after all Trump did for America (and by default Canada) the biggest complaint is that Trump wasn't "presidential enough". Is Biden 'presidential' enough for you? Is Trudeau 'presidential' enough for you? What version of 'presidential' do you want? While I wish Pastor Artur would not be so combative, he went to prison for us! Have you gone to prison? Are you willing to? Maybe if you went to prison you would be a little more understanding. Has Pastor Artur done anything truly wrong except upset the delicate sensibilities of those who stand by and say nothing while the NDP AND the UCP drive Alberta into the ground? They have had 8 years and look where we are. Crime is out of control. Healthcare is on life support. Education outcomes have fallen dramatically. If ALberta was any NHL or NFL team, the losing records of the NDP and UCP would be fired! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


The UCP has driven Alberta into the ground? What Fn world are you living in? We are once again, after the disaster that was the NDP, back on track as one of the most robust economies in the Country, unemployment is continuing to get lower, and is now close to leading the leading the country. You live in a different reality bub, healthcare is once again getting repaired after 4 years of NDP catastrophe, and Albertans are once again regaining our confidence and holding our heads high after the 4 years of insults and degradation at the hands of the NDP. You are a delusional fool, and I suspect you are one of the “Branch arturians” if not the head of the unhinged Arturians himself. Danielle Smith did what she promised you, you ungrateful leach, and now you want to destroy this province for

Your own angry vengeance, FU, and I hope you get your just dessert and spend a lengthy time in jail. You ungrateful con artist.


Don’t sugar coat it. Tell us how you really feel😖

Conservative Hippie

Thank you for your articulate sanity! People who attack Pastor Art and those of us who have a soft spot for him ought to be ashamed of themselves! It makes me so mad. OMG he called Smith out and the UCP as well for corruption in high places. He called her a mean bad name!! Boo Hoo!!

People ion the Smith and UCP forever bandwagon really need to look at Kenny. He started out really good. Then SOMEBODY got to him. Snotley would blow the dog whistle and Kenny would submissive pee and then follow the orders of his master.

Smith isn't even strong enough to hold her own against the Kenny loyalists and yet she's going to save us from Trudeau and the Globalist regime? I do not think so. Kenny was in office a few months and even stood up at the beginning of Covid and said "Nope! Not locking down unless you have justifiable proof that I should."

Later he apologized for locking us down and then promised he wouldn't do it again. Less than a week later we're back in lock-down.

My point is Danielle Smith has already walked back on almost all of her promises and she's not even in the seat yet. She even went back on climate change.

The very best we can hope for with UCP is to buy us time to get our ducks in a row and figure out if Albertans are willing to rise and fight a bloody civil war for our rights and freedoms or those who were smart enough to see the writing on the wall years ago will find a way to go quietly and hide themselves and their families where there is no drone coverage.


I think there is more to the story than we will ever know. If I were forced to choose between Artur or any of the Kenney loyalists I would trust Artur any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I could never support religion and politics mixing, and I don't understand the latest strange turn in the last few months.

That said, when the Alberta politicians responsible spend as many days in jail as Alberta pastors without bail, we will get closer to the truth.

For now I won't be jumping on the bashing bandwagon, let him without sin, cast the first stone and all. We have all said and done things in the heat of the moment, thankfully we don't have the powerful enemies who did clear wrong to this man, who are clearly wiping their foreheads in relief he is drawing attention off their sins.

Paul G.

Look, he has some valid points, but he is far too right wing for most Albertans!!

He basically hi-jacked the Alberta Independent Party, and tried to use the party as a platform to spew a lot of nonsense!! If the press would ignore him, he might just go away!!


I wasn't paying enough attention after the wipa imploded, but if I recall correctly, the Alberta Independence Party elected him with eyes wide open. I might be wrong, please correct me if I am. I wouldn't trust a politician in a church, and I'm note sure I could trust a pastor in public office. Having personally dealt with both, we need a clear separation of church and state, and more importantly they must respect their boundaries. No one outside of Calgary would know who Artur was, if the state hadn't committed illegal acts. I don't agree with certain things and statements from Artur in the last while, but don't let any media try to sweep under the rug what happened to spark his strong stand stand for his personal belief, his legal rights, and protecting his flock.

Do not try to feed this man to the lions, because the government overstepped their bounds, and were caught in the act of doing so. I am positive they are quite happy for his current lapses in good judgment, so that we forget they started this whole fiasco. I can forgive him more than I can find forgiveness for someone who made us second class citizens in our own province. With the exception of Kenney, they still have their seats of power. The MLA who allowed AHS to illegally persecute this man is now the same man who is in charge of legally persecuting him.


Totally agree

Conservative Hippie



WOW. Well said. Maybe you should run for politics. We could use some level headed common sense like yours in the government.


I want to remind some people here that a being critical of the WS and some columnists in particular, that the Only positive reporting the freedom rallies and freedom convoy got was from independent news organizations such as WS, Rebel and TNN, I want to remind people what we where called by MSM as they Parroted their Masters in tge Lib/NDP regime, we where Natsi’s, we took up space, we where “white supremisists, the only ones who defended us where these independent organizations. Now they are accusing them and us of not doing enough, yet I have not seen any of them list what they have done for the cause of freedom. Derek has laid out a brief history of this street preacher Pawlowski, I had never heard of him before the mistreatment he received at the hands of the police, and supported him both figuratively and monetarily, but that dried up with his secret recording, and his lies about the conversation, now this latest outburst, no proof, no evidence presented, just a rabid unhinged outburst, he is no longer anyone I can support, he is appearing more and more unhinged, he trying to get the UCP defeated, does that mean he is supporting the NDP? Why does he want to see the NDP win swing ridings? The NDP would love to lock this kook up and throw away the key, but here he is, trying to make sure they form government by running candidates in swing ridings with the specific reason to defeat UCP candidates. The guy is a full fledged nutcase, and frankly I’m embarrassed that he sucked me into his scheme. I now hope he feels the full brunt of the justice system, he is a con artist.


From hero to zero 🤨!


and BTW, I believe it is illegal to record a conversation with someone without telling them they are being recorded, and obtaining their consent.

Lee Harding Staff
Lee Harding

Third party wiretapping is illegal but an active person in a conversation can record. It can get more complicated if the recording is for public purposes.


Well said Mr. Fildebrandt, thank you.


Excellent article, his actions remind me of another drama teacher masquerading as a street preacher/ prime minister.


Exactly! I doubt he represents many in alberta. And I don’t think all his anger will be bring anyone to God.


I did not see Fildebrandt at any of the freedom rallies in Calgary. I did see other Edmontonians though. This column was a political hit job because Fildebrandt is angry that his beloved UCP is in a tight race and could use some help eliminating any conservative rivals. He underestimates the depth of betrayal many feel towards the UCP for the needless and unthinkable lockdowns and mandates. That we should forgive and forget. Nope. To vote for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. I’ll never do that again. Smith abandoned us and we are abandoning her. Shandro and the other perps are still in power. The war is not over.


If any of the others would have won (excluding Lowlewen) such as Toews I would absolutely not be voting for the UCP this election. And I wouldn’t be voting for the NDP either (never in a million years) so I would either skip voting or would vote for one of the fringe parties.


Well said! voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil! Ok, my detractors will say, "You can't allow 'religion' into politics." You don't think TRUDEAU has not brought 'religion" into politics?" His insane, humanity hating climate worship religion is not only destroying this country, but the world! Anyone that wants to stop cheap clean from getting to the poorest people IS RACIST. The third world countries that are filled with billions of the desperate poor and hungry people in Asia, Latin America and Africa are this way due to their lack of access to cheap energy. In all of human history, EVERY culture that worships 'Mother Nature' slaughters its people. Trudeau is slowly killing Canadians with his attacks on our food and MAID programs. No surprise as in his own words he said "he admires China" - one of the worst, wicked, evil, tryannical genocidal governments in history.

Conservative Hippie

It is better to vote your morals and risk losing to evil than to vote for evil and risk losing your morals. Lesser evil is still evil, even when you sugar coat poison it doesn't make it any less bad for you.


Seems like you prefer the NDP.

Shame on you.


Exactly, a vote for any fringe party, in my opinion is a vote for the NDP. In a tight race such as we are being told this is, every vote will count, and will lay the blame of the NDP form government squarely at the feet of these petty haters who can’t seem to understand there is a new sheriff in town, her name is Danielle Smith, and in the short time she has been Premier she has done good things, listened to us, her constituents, and got things done. All that comes to an end, if these haters don’t stop with the temper tantrums, get their heads out their rearends and vote for the UCP candidate in their riding.


We voted for Kenney who was supposed to be the "Messiah" of Alberta, and where did that get us? Thrown under the bus! It is you who is splitting the vote for continuing to double down voting for the corrupt UCP. Beat me once, shame on you. Beat me twice, shame on me! Danielle Smith's God hating Wormtougne Cheif of Staff has her already going back on her Soverignty promise and our own police force. Why do we want "jack boot thugs" (the words of the RCMP, not mine) on the ground? Danielle Smith dresses up in every garb that comes along that promises a vote. The SOLUTION is to become Albertan again, not liberal lite. The pastor who fought for freedom, Martin Luther King Jr was called a 'communist" by the FBI and spied on, and wire tapped. The police and government attacks on Pastor Artur are exactly the same. So he's not politically correct. Big deal. He was willing to go to prison to stand up for us and there isn't one single politican (or political pundit) that is willing to do the same. Come back and talk to me when you have done prison time fighting for our freedoms. Like the saying goes. "Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes."


Evelutioncausesracism: thanks for your unhinged rant pastor Artur, but you are still a lunatic in my eyes.


Well said George! The truth will set them free! :-)


And a vote for anything else but the UCP, will be a vote for evil, not the lesser of the two, real evil, if this election s as tight as they say, then every vote will count, and by wasting, yes wasting yours on a fringe lunatic like this street preacher, you could very likely stick us with REAL evil, in the form of an NDP government, time

To stop the temper tantrums, stop holding your breath until you turn blue, a reminder that the only positive reporting on the rallies and Convoy came from small news organizations such as this, what Fildebrant says is fact, if can refute what he said feel free. But don’t saddle the rest of us with the Evil you talk about, just for phony street preacher who is likely a con artist.


I've always thought this guy was an embarrassment to Christians from the moment those videos of him chasing cops out of his church were released. His behavior stinks.


Oh, so you supported the police and AHS inspector committing illegal acts, if it was done in secret? How about if it was a mosque or synagogue? Alberta government can not hold any moral high ground, or even legal high ground because of a virus.


Jesus called the political leaders "snakes, vipers, sons of hell, and said they are of their father the devil." So, you probably would not have liked Jesus either.


Same here


Arthur Pauwlinski and other preachers in Canada unfortunately do NOT have the right to freedom of religion or freedom of speech. The Charter of Rights April 2022 after 40 years in effect were abolished by the Autocratic Government of Jackal Trudeau following the Trucker's protest in February 2022. Bank accounts are easily seized at the Government's will along with unreasonable searches by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mutant Police). Democracy is reserved ONLY for the Liberal Party and the NDP to rule Canada and cancel anyone as they please.


Nailed it!


I was done with him when he inserted himself in the Coutts protest appearing as some sort of general when he was just wh-or-ing for attention. Blowhard of the highest order and a snake recording Danielle so he could try and blackmail her at the very least when she wanted to help. Scum


Derek, you nailed it about this guy, I was done with him when he secretly taped his call with Smith, now I am despising this guy.


Absolutely 100% agree with you Derek. This man is a charlatan and made my skin crawl since I first saw him speak. I met him once, and he comes off much better in person than in front of a microphone, but his ego is bigger than Kenney's. Is someone paying him to help take Alberta down the toilet? His actions get more and more horrifying by the day!


Great comment! I completely agree!!


I wonder the same thing, as well, who is paying this guy? How does he afford the travel and the fines?


So much the victim for years. He is the creator/mouthpiece of his own demise. Good question FreeAlberta, who is paying for all his jaunts and fines? His congregation doesn't look very large or wealthy. Street people don't have a pot or a window so they aren't funding him. With Danielle Smith in I was hoping to move back to my birth province. The NDP will destroy Alberta via the Singh/Trudeau connection.


Joan, this is the last bastion of freedom in Canada, along with Sask, we are the last ones holding the torch, and I’m am sickened by peoples support of a Kook like Artur over Danielle Smith, to the point I believe many of these people are NDP usurpers, here to sow discord. Kenney is no longer leader, he won’t even be an MLA after this election, but yet they dredge up his carcass time and time again. Smith is the new sheriff in town, she has done an incredible job in the short time she has been my MLA. If these people hand over this province to the NDP, because they want to hold a temper tantrum about a past

Leader, they will be solely to blame.


Smith still has Kenney cronies around her in Madu, Shandro and Copping. She's still letting the lady who needs an organ transplant die if she isn't vaxxed. Smith is doing nothing for anyone, it's pure copium to suggest otherwise. Smith is there for normies to vote for who want to forget the covid tyranny. I will never forgive or forget the UCP, even if the NDP is worse and gets elected. The UCP stands in the way of a true right wing populism by telling people they can just "vote" for a better Alberta. It's already done like dinner. The only answer is joining the US or separation at this point.


Dieraci13, Smith wasn’t even Premier during 99% of the Covid scamdemic, there might be more to the decision on that transplant thing than you know, like does she smoke? Has sue quit smoking, a myriad of other issues and is sue using the antivaxx as a diversion? I don’t know, and if you don’t, then you are the one on hopium. Smith has done more for Albertans in her short time

Than almost every Premier in our history, she promised to look into what she could

Do for that ungrateful leach Pawlaowski, and he stabbed her in the back by taping, then lying about what was said in their

Conversation, hope he fits in jail.

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