David Johnston

Special Rapporteur David Johnson did not recommend a proper inquiry into illegal and unethical election interference.

Despite Parliament expressing its will to have one, and every-party leader calling for such a review, the prime minister ducked behind the political cover provided by his special rapporteur.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre slam Trudeau

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is calling for the inquiry that Johnson says is not necessary.

Paul Forseth mostly lived in New Westminster, BC and was an officer of the Provincial Criminal and Family Courts for 22 years. From 1993 to 2006 he represented New Westminster-Coquitlam as federal MP.  He is retired and now lives in Powell River BC.

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Everyone thought that Johnston was an honourable and ethical man who served his country well….I guess this so called investigation put that one yo rest. A truly ethical man would have distanced himself immediately and declined the job. They are all cut from the same cloth and try to protect their own skin and interests……get rid of the whole gang.


Who's surprised by the oh so, pious Johnstone? Be that as it may, there's one obvious choice to clear the air. An election. However, the New Dimwit non-party refuses to enforce a non-confidence vote. We've heard from Mulcair endlessly condemning this "report" and the lieberals government. We've heard from Jughead whining and complaining. It all empty rhetoric. Word salad. If they had any conviction and self respect, they'd pull the plug on little Truddie. But they won't.


Justin Trudeau can just hide behind his loyal Liberal public servants, it is a little more of the Emergency Inquiry that Justice Rouleau presided over, all very nice and neatly packaged escape valve for our very vindictive and self serving PM.

Boris Hall

The corruption of Trudeau infected Canada is stunning and breathtaking

How could anyone have any respect for any institution in this destroyed and broken country

Shameful and beyond sad


You are sooo right. Sad indeed.

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