The Earth after the Fall of Man

Writer Joseph Fournier takes to task today's pessimists who anticipate a sixth great extinction in our own lifetimes. The idea is not new, however: In his epic 1690 picture 'The Earth After The Fall Of Man,' Austrian painter Franz Rösel Von Rosenhof depicted chaos and destruction as a consequence of man's actions.

We continuously hear from political and media activists that we're experiencing a great climate disruption and  the Earth is facing a so-called 'Sixth Mass Extinction event' as a result of our use of hydrocarbons.

I will show a contrarian perspective, which used to be mainstream. As to whether climatic changes measured in the 20th century constitute a true state of emergency warranting a totalitarian lockdown on society, you be the judge.

Neoglacial phase
Northwest Greenland

Joseph Fournier is a research scientist with 15 years experience in technology innovation specific to industrial environmental performance. He is currently enjoying life as a rancher near Rockyford Alberta.

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Don should read HOW THE WORLD REALLY WORKS by Manitoba Professor Vaclav Smil, UNSETTLED by Steve Koonin, the former Under Secretary for Science in the Department of Energy of the first Obama administration, and anything by Bjorn Lonborg, Matt Ridley, or Patrick Moore.

Left Coast

BCs Gas Company Fortis just redesigned their Statements. Removing the Monthly Average Temps . . . which for much of last year showed month to month Cooling from the Previous Year. Can't have those infadel customers finding the truth !

Don Larson

Javier Vinós has spent decades researching neurobiology and cancer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the University of California, UK's Medical Research Council, and the Spanish Scientific Research Council. His scientific publications have been cited over 1,200 times by his peers. In 2015 concerns over the effects of the indisputable climate change that is taking place led him to study climate science.

So he's not a climate scientist. He wrote book. Anyone can write a book.

Left Coast

Very few people are Don . . . James Hansen is an Astronomer . . . Al Gore is a failed Divinity School Dropout . . . Bill Nye is a mechanical Engineer . . . many Klimate Experts are Physicists or Paleoecologists who use fossils, spores, pollen, and other information to study the ecologies and climates of the past.

Actual Klimate Science is a very new branch of studies.

Obviously a "Scientist" can also pursue & study other venues . . .


Most climate scientists are glorified computer programmers.


Don, it is common knowledge in classical climatology the facts I discuss in this article.

Javier Vinos`s book is a treasure trove of literature thousands of publications on natural climate change.

Worth the read.


Follow the money. There's no money in denying climate change


"Climate change" isn't science, it's a pretext.

free the west

CO2 is a trace gas, coming in at a whopping 0.04% of the atmosphere. It does not control the climate. This is all about control - communism in other words.

Don Larson

Bad Argument/Myth #9: CO2 only makes a small portion of the atmosphere.

1) He wasn't driving drunk, he just had a trace of blood alcohol; 0.08%.

2) Don't worry about your iron deficiency, iron is only 4.4 ppm of your body’s atoms.

3) Ireland isn't important; it's only.066%) of the world population.

4)That ibuprofen pill can't do you any good; it's only 3 ppm of your body weight

5)The Earth is insignificant, it's only 3 ppm of the mass of the solar system.

6) Your children can drink that water, it only contains a trace of arsenic (0.01 ppm is the WHO and US EPA limit).

Left Coast

We know that every single molecule of CO2 is surrounded by 2500 molecules that are NOT CO2 and therefore any theoretical blanket built from CO2 fibers that supposedly is surrounding the Earth is practically made of NOTHING.

It’s estimated that in this decade, over 12 million tons of lithium ion batteries will go offline from EVs alone. Lithium cathodes from degraded batteries cannot be used for new batteries so the current method of disposal involves shredding and burning the batteries to recover other minerals in the batteries including nickel, cobalt and manganese. There has been little effort to quantify the amount of energy needed to reprocess these batteries or how many of them end up in landfills worldwide. Somebody call Greenpeace.

Environmentalists also seem to believe that an EV is “zero-emission” and somehow magically creates its energy. In fact, the energy comes from the electric grid, which is powered by a mix of natural gas, coal, and hydroelectric — the very energy sources those same greenies work tirelessly to eliminate. In their magical thinking, windmills and solar panels will power the grid, which will power their Priuses. So the same groups who wrecked the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest to protect the spotted owl are now onboard with wind farms killing millions of birds, including endangered species, and solar panels that produce vast quantities of hazardous waste.

All of this speculative disruption is based on the premise that carbon dioxide from auto emissions is a hazardous chemical that will literally destroy the environment — Sunspots determine the climate

We know that all the knowledge about the physical world comes from experiments that can be validated and not from calculations that cannot be validated. And yet, everything about man-made global warming is about calculations and NOTHING about measurements.




Nice to see some common sense and actual science applied to the climate change scam


How are we going to wake up the masses to this. Our youth are convinced that manmade climate change is real. While we need to consume less, pollute less, etc. the world has the technology so that people do not need to starve, they can drink clean water.

LOL (Little Old Lady)



Totally agree

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