Once, it was common for politicians to hand out bottles of liquor for votes. Fistfights broke out during election campaigns. Even today, politicians who enter a campaign with intentions of keeping the bar high, often end up in the gutter with their opponent. Forgotten is that sage advice, “Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty — but the pig enjoys it.” 

However in terms of sheer cynicism, the 2021 election marked a new low in Canadian politics. in their cold determination to win at all cost, the Trudeau Liberal Party (TLP) threw principle out the window.

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Somebody should cut the head off that snake

Canadian in Western Canada

If we want to prevent yet more cynical and questionable elections we will have to leave Confederation because Confederation is, by design, based on division.

The province of Canada openly played the other colonies, pitting one against the other in negotiations, pitting colonies against their citizens and regions against regions.

The very idea of regions is divisive, as is almost everything today's Canada does. All Western Canadians must be able to see by now how they are being vilified and attacked or how they have been denied infrastructure, trade and representation since being forced to join, by military force, Canada's Confederation.

The issue of division, pitting members against members, taking from the politically weak to give to the politically strong, is built into Confederation. If you are a federalist, if you want your province to remain, think about how you answer the question: Why?


It's astonishing how many of the leadership class (read judges, premiers, doctors, generals, clergy) will speak out when they're retired, but not before. Not to knock those who speak out, but rather those who don't. Morneau's thrashing of Trudeau would have done a lot more good if he said his piece while still in office, for example. Now he just looks like a good old capitalist.


Many have formalized restrictions, some even in law with associated penalties, that preclude speaking out. Some of the restrictions under law still remain even after retired etc. 'Whistleblower' laws frequently don't cover such areas.


Sadly, WAY too many people are influenced by the stupid.


Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups....


Otherwise known as "government"

Only Freedom Matters Now

The thought that I am about to share is most certainly not the “high road,” but if conservatives ever regain the federal government again, they should absolutely go after everything that is near and dear to the hearts of those who will never vote for them. For it is about time for reciprocation.

Forward Thinking

I whole heartedly agree. They have made my life hell for the last 7 years and I think it is only fair that we return the favor. They are scum and they must pay! We must drive a stake into the heart of the welfare state. No more welfare for anyone period, corporations or individuals. They are murdering people with their bullshit vaccines so I don't want to hear anymore talk about "you're heatless and you don't care". I care about liberty and all this taxation to pay for all this garbage I don't use needs to stop now! After that fire 75% of all bureaucrats. They are worthless grifters who do nothing productive for society. They need to stop infringing on everyones rights and go get a real job.


Well said, i could not agree more

Barron Not Barron

Power corrupts.. and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Forward Thinking

I do not buy this notion that it is Trudeau's fault at all. He is a symptom of the problem. It is the Liberal and NDP VOTERS that are the problem. They are a pack treasounous traitors who have no problem jinning up the government to send their thugs after their poltical opponents. Without their implicit support the regime would collapse under the weight of its own stupidity!


I have to say that I am impressed with the good sense and clarity of this piece written by retired judge Brian Giesbrecht. Having worked for decades in the purview of his peers, I find his thoughts to be very refreshing. Sorry to hear that his status is “retired.”

free the west

Divide and conquer has been around since we crawled out of the sea. The bigger issue is when a majority realize that it never helps them.

Alberta Farmer

You are correct! I’ve been a separatist since before PM Blackface Pedophile came into power! Alberta and Saskatchewan need to separate as soon as possible!


*shrug* Politics are about division, always have been. At its core it is about dividing and conquering. it is about segregating your enemies and destroying them. Sure, the double-speak of politicians paints a far different picture. But if you've ever been involved with politics at the party level you know this first hand. Conservatives do it. Liberals do it. Socialists do it. Communists do it. Fascists do it. There's nothing noble about politics, politicians or government regardless of who is running the show.




It is unfortunate that some who enter politics do so with ideologies in place - suspect few leave with them fully intact. Regardless, it does not excuse extremes of politics resulting in deprivation or reputing what might be considered essential rights of its citizens.

The 'wedge' is relevant when the issues are considered. It may be a perspective however it may be not irrelevant when despotic autocrats are opposed by politicians and citizens opposed to such actions. Understanding divisive politics does not necessarily mean that it is completely negative......

A 'shrug' is certainly a close ally of autocratic governments.

Jerry Terpstra

get rid of the rule that a pm has to be able to speak french and there a lot of qualified people out there could do a lot better. discriminiation at its best put in by the father of the criminal we have now.

Boris Hall

Trudeau is a mentally insane psychopath like his insane wh@re of a mother

The Canadian institutions whose job it was to protect us from this type of rogue psychopath have failed us completely

Canada has been taken over by extreme political evil


Trudeau has already divided the country and the west does not have a strong enough vote to stop him. I would love to see good honest politicians who actually represent citizens.

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