Pierre Poilievre

In February 2023, three conservative MPs met with German politician Christine Anderson in Ottawa. The Toronto Star and Globe and Mail reported the event. The two articles provided no substance of Anderson’s policies, but unleashed a torrent of cheap shots: hard right, anti-vaccine, anti-refugee, Islamophobic. Hardly a sentence was spared.

Within hours, Pierre Poilievre issued a statement. He offered no resistance to the machine-gun trial by the media. He joined in, calling Anderson “vile” and her “racist hateful views are not welcome here.” Critics claim Poilievre folded like a cheap suit.

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Straight Shooter

PeeePeee is just another WEF slave.

His interaction with Christine Anderson shows who he is - a puppet for the pedo/satanist/bankser scumbags.

Left Coast

While there is no doubt Poilievre got played by the FakeStream Media in the Anderson thing . . . the rest of your Dribble Straight is just as Insane . . . . He never met with Anderson so there was no "interaction" man . . . you just made that up!

Since no one has ever been able to produce anything but a Turnip that is "far-right" . . . perhaps it is time Canada's Fraud Media put up or shut up. And yea . . . don't haul out the ole fascist nonsense . . . fascists are National Socialists then & now!


Bernier has certainly been the most consistent about not bowing to the MSM, and has been extremely consistent about freedom of speech. However, he also has nothing to lose. Pierre on the other hand has a lot to lose at this point. He is much more likely to be open to the name calling attacks, and more likely to cave. He has to walk the fine line between freedom of speech and looking palatable to those in the "middle" who are susceptible to believing much of the name calling.


A very good article Gerald. Well stated. Although a big fan of Stephen Harper, I was very much against his expensive bail out of the auto industry in 2008 & 9, along with his failure to allow more pipelines built when the opportunities were there. His actions towards increasing our National Defence budget were very weak as well. As you stated, I strongly believe Pierre Poilievre gave himself a very unnecessary black eye when he recently fell prey to the msm. Even though Maxime Bernier is another Quebecer, I feel he does have the countries best interest at heart, however splitting the Conservative vote sure doesn't help at a time we need cohesion the most.


Gtkeough, well said. I think PP made a big mistake on this issue. Notwithstanding, splitting the Conservative vote wont help to get rid of Trudeau and the Liberals.

Boris Hall

This is of course all part of the WEF Orwellian agenda of terror and obedient enslavement

In Canada we are actually criminalizing truthful talk with the full backing of our captured institutions

This has only increased exponentially since the launching of the covid fraud / terror

It’s incredible and horrifying the evil that our politicians represent

It’s like the devil himself has taken over most Western politicians


Having faith in your own convictions helps. I'm not perfect, but I'm reasonably self assured that I'm not a racist, misogynistic, or too white. If I want an example of a hypocrite's words not matching their actual actions, I don't have to look any farther than the 3 main political leaders in this country. If you strive to appease the current social madness, you acknowledge it and give it power of you. I thank my mother and her conviction in her life and beliefs. She didn't care what others thought of her, if she could face herself in the mirror every morning.

You have to be pretty self deluded to shave in the morning if you are a politician in this country. I think there are maybe 6 politicians in this whole country that I would invite into my house for a coffee or a beer. The rest I'd encourage my Beagle to eat if they were in my yard. Worse than useless, actually bordering on truly evil.


Well said.

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