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A friend sent me a voice recording the other day. It was a voice recording because, she said, writing it down would lose the immediacy of the experience. What had happened was this: three children had come down the street outside her home. A girl of about 14 was explaining to a boy – who appeared to be about 13 – what “pansexual” meant. A younger girl, perhaps nine years old, followed them. Trying to get into the conversation, she loudly announced: “I am bi! Bi, bi, bi, bi, bi!” My friend was horrified.

The conversation was startling as a demonstration of child sexualization. There has been a lot of discussion about child sexualization over the last 20 years. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines sexualization as “occurring when a person’s value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behaviour, to the exclusion of other characteristics.” This conversation, in which the younger child’s “in” to the older children’s society was the announcement of a sexual identity that implied behaviour, appears to be a prima facie case.

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Homeschool for the win. The sickos that are pushing this agenda need to be jailed.

Jim Mason

Looking at the illustration …

Gender Identity is all in your head. It’s what you think you are. So why is this concept limited to gender? What if I think that I am a cat? Should other people not be compelled to treat me as a cat and use my self-selected cat name? Oh yes … and provide me with my own litter box complete with litter? (My understanding is that this is already happening in some schools!). Or what if I identify as a doctor? Should people not be compelled to call me “Doctor” and allow me to practise medicine? Or would I be expected to provide some sort of empirical, objectively-verifiable evidence to support my claim? Thinking abnormal thoughts has previously been classified as a mental illness with treatment provided. Why is it we now allow mental illness to be implanted in the brains of our children by the educational system and have simultaneously made treating it illegal?

Orientation/Attraction is shown as being in the heart. The heart is usually associated with feelings. However, feelings are insubstantial, ephemeral and transitory. Yesterday I felt sick; today I feel better … because I got some medical treatment for my sickness. Suppose I feel attracted to girls under 10? Should that be affirmed and normalized … or treated as an aberration? Suppose I feel attracted to sheep? Same question? If I felt attracted to sheep, would I not be considered to be mentally ill and require treatment? Why are there limits on the acceptability of some attractions but not others?

Sex is shown as being determined by genitalia. At least this is something that can be empirical determined using objectively-verifiable evidence … at least in the vast majority of cases. There is the intersex thing. However, sticking “intersex” in as if it is a normal condition at the same level of occurrence as male and female is mendacious. Although there is some disagreement of that actual prevalence, it is generally acceptable to be of the order of 0.02% of births. So, while intersex is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it is not normal in the sense that it is analogous to male and female. It is decidedly an aberration and should not be taught as being anything but. In fact, it should not be taught in elementary school at all and, if in high school, then only in final year biology … and factually. Ideally, should be left to university.

In a society that prides itself with “following the science”, it is absolutely bizarre that we teach as incontestable fact, things that derive from simply thinking and feeling and that have no scientifically verifiable basis.


en masse***


We need to leave the public school system on mass. Similar to what's happening to legacy media outlets like CBC and Global... Show them that if they are liars, or if they go woke, then they'll go broke.

Left Coast

This is driven by Radical Same Sexers who have been infiltrating the "System" for decades . . . the Radicals used to tell us back in the 70s & 80s that they were coming for our children . . . it's quite obvious to most today . . . they are here!

They are not done either . . . the ultimate goal is to Normalize Pedophilia which they now call Minot Attracted Persons . . .

Only Freedom Matters Now

I am glad that my kids are no longer in the school system. I don't yet have grandchildren and to be frank I am not sure that I want my kids to bring children into the world that we live in today.

If I had kids in school, I believe we would be home schooling or have them in a system that doesn't groom.

The kids that are exposed to this will be damaged for life. This is sick and evil.

Forward Thinking

Please keep in mind that just because your kids are out of school this abuse will still effect you. When these emotionally damaged children grow up they will be living in your community. They are going to lash out at anyone that is around them and will be the homeless people hooked on drugs and alcohol. This sexual abuse of children at the schools is an assault on all sectors of society regardless of parental status.


Institutionalized child abuse is occurring on a mass scale in Canada. People in authority in education systems, both government and bureaucracy, should start coming up with excuses right now why they are doing nothing about it. A parent revolution is brewing.

Forward Thinking

There is nothing new under the sun. The foundation of a healthy, free, and prosperous society is the nuclear family unit. This is precisely the reason why totalitarian regimes always attack the nuclear family unit. Read about the French Revolution, Mao, Stalin etc. The same theme of an all out assault on the family is the same in all these regimes. When you disrupt normal sexual development in children you ruin there ability to form stable family units later in life. You essentially create a society full of unstable adults who are easier to control. They have been doing this in Canada for 30 years and is one of the reasons they have been able to get away with imposing the covid fraud. Our society is filled with weak, pathetic, and cowardly men. It is the same reason they seperate the children from their fathers. On top of the power and control the authoritarians crave it also serves the purpose of population control. If all the children have had their sexual development wrecked, their sex organs removed, or have been chemically castrated they cannot reproduce. This marxist trash is an all out assault on society and parents need to start confronting these scumbag teachers and administrators. They are evil. They also need to lobby the government to change the laws. Any administrator or teacher that engages in sexual abuse of children should be given stiff sentences. When I call the Canadian government an illegitimate regime I am not just making a flippant comment I really mean it. Our society exhibits all the hallmarks of a budding totalitarian regime. The power lies in the parents hands to put the necessary pressure on the government stop sexually abusing our children. They must recognize the danger to their children, find their courage, and act accordingly!


1000% agreed

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