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David Krayden is the Senior Parliament Hill Columnist for the Western Standard based in the Ottawa Bureau. He has been a reporter and columnist for the Ottawa Sun, several major US publications, and the original Western Standard.

Gerald Butts

Courtesy CBC

We all remember notorious fixer Gerald Butts, former principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who fell under the bus for his boss during the SNC Lavalin scandal.

Like all Ottawa elites who find six-figure employment is a revolving door, Butts had a soft landing with an organization called the Eurasian Group with the laughable mandate of helping "you understand the world.”

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Jody Wilson-Raybold once said in an interview, that Gerald Butts said to her, referring to SNC Lavallin, "That someone could get shot over this!" If this is true and can be proven, shouldn't Butts be charged with, "Uttering Death Threats" or something? Is there such a law in Canada?


I have to laugh at the parochial egocentric nature of these Liberal NDP cult members. They are absolutely oblivious to the Canadian people who pay their wages, expenses, pensions and other fiscal privileges. Self serving are all their actions, and the contempt they offer to a differing opinion clearly suggests they are managing (albeit ineptly) to anothers agenda. Seriously Canada, surely we can do better than this!

GB's (twitter) world is so fake that he can't fathom one with genuine people.


I think we all can do better than referring to physical appearance and surnames. This hashtag got the attention of this Trudeau protector and he has shown he’s concerned by trying to throw up a misinformation shield. It’s feeble and the best response from the racist misogynists unacceptables out there is to keep it going, even if that means changing up the hashtags. Eventually the waves will grow so large, people like Trudeau and Butts will be drowned out completely.


He might be ugly but he sure is stupid


Butts is and has always been Trudeau's black soul. His handler. They know each other since ever. Butts appeared to have been thrown under the bus by the SNC-Lavallin affair, but don't be fooled, they speak together every day. I would not be surprised he even get a regular salary from Trudeau's secret funds. Trudeau's could not add a comma in a speech without Butts' consent.

He was behind the Truckers' Convoy demise. The whimpy dictator couldn't have done it by himself. He is the Schwab's Harari to Trudeau, Don't know Harari? Reseach him, but beware, you may experience nightmares.

Butts is the epitome of a political handler. Not far enough to yell at the conspiracy against his beloved ... friend.


There is an old axiom that you can judge a leader by the quality of those around that leader.

One test of these people is their ability to speak feely and think critically. Based on this alone it would appear that there is a serious quality control issue. It appears fairly straightforward then to assess the quality of the leader...nes pas?


This is damage control by Butts. Why is it that so many of the people around Trudeau are so unattractive? Not just in looks but in moral character? Butts, Freeland, G-Bo, Lametti ....... the list goes on. Is this another way to prop up Trudeau and make him look better?

Left Coast

Butts is a despicable little Enviro-fascist who has cost Canada's citizens Billions in the last 7 years. Along with his enabler the Crime Minister should have been locked up.


Whenever I see that pic of Butts I see Fagan in a production of "Oliver" with a bunch of 10 and 12 year old boys around him, singing "you have to pick a pocket or two". Whoever assigned him his surname had a sense of humor...


How does this unelected liberal shill get to dictate policy to Canadians? Riiight... we are run by a vacuous, compromised drama teacher who knows nothing about anything. An empty suit with fancy socks. When his socks became an embarrassment he had nothing else.


Are they 'advisors' or managers? As always - remember the golden rule of analysis: Follow the gold.

Then note those who follow the gold.........a learning experience.


Don't worry Gerald Butt. It's just that pesky Fringe Minority again! Wish I had a twitter account.

Boris Hall

He looks exactly how you would expect a vile evil conniving Trudeau infected pig to look


The epitome of sanctimonious, elitist liberal swine. Total human garbage.


Great read David but the true Twitter hashtag is #TrudeauMustGo not #TrudeauHasToGo though that has be used as well as others. A good read also is this article that sums things up very well

Boris Hall

Ugly little satanic mole

Could be the twin of the little maggot orc Abracadabra

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