Trudeau at Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces plastics-use restrictions at the Gault Nature Reserve in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Québec, June 10th, 2019.

Does Trudeau mean the Justin Transition, not the Just Transition?

If you are expecting any justice from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, think again.

The Trudeau government coined the term “just transition” for the movement from fossil fuels to green energy, but it’s actually the Justin transition. 

Senior Columnist (Parliament Hill)

David Krayden is the Senior Parliament Hill Columnist for the Western Standard based in the Ottawa Bureau. He has been a reporter and columnist for the Ottawa Sun, several major US publications, and the original Western Standard.

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Danielle better drop the 'within a united Canada' part of the sovereignty act. We need to secede from Canada now. Trudeau's hatred for Alberta knows no limits and he won't stop until he kills our energy and agriculture industries.


Perhaps the old expression 'Sometimes there's need to hit rock bottom before recovery can begin.' applies to Canada. We won't reach rock bottom until Upper and Lower Canada start to feel the adverse effects of supporting Trudeau's regime. Unfortunately the recovery will be excruciating to those without oil and gas resources of their own.


Exactly. I'm surprised by how many people still seem obvious that he's deliberately out to destroy Canada and replace it with something much more authoritarian, while sacrificing the middle class to prop up the ruling elites.

Boris Hall

We have to face the facts here in Canada

Trudeau is a malignant and malevolent WEF installed demon

He smirks with psychotic glee and enjoys implementing policies he knows will kill and harm you, your children and your grandchildren

He is CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY a psychotic and a serial lying psychopath

More stunningly he is being enabled and supported by our infinitely corrupted MSM and infinitely corrupted institutions

Canada has ceased to be a legitimate country with this psychotic petulant vindictive child criminal as “leader”

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