Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to “buy back” your “assault-style” rifle at the same time he is destroying our food production.

Does this sound like a healthy scenario? Trudeau will give you $1,337 for an AR-15. This is a twisted and completely unnecessary confiscation program that has only two objectives in mind: to ensure Canadians are defenseless against the criminals the Liberals won’t put in jail and to ensure we all know who's in absolute control over our lives in Canada.

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I am still baffled to this day how this lying psychopathic narcissist T-u-r-d could have ever been considered PM material.


Going completely conspiracy theory here…

If we listen to the ideological goals of the elites, we see that they are looking to get rid of agricultural land and creating broad swaths of unpopulated environmental havens. It seems to me that removing oil and gas as well as nitrogen from the mix will kill people, either from starvation or freezing to death. Is that their ultimate goal? Without todays energy sources and fertilizers that help feed the world many will die – or as Schwab say there will be pain. I’m thinking that there will be lots of death. Lots of death would be good for the environment. Just saying.


So, what's the answer? How do we get rid of Trudeau and the Liberals without having to wait three more years while he totally destroys Canada?

Singh and the NDP have pledged their support of the Liberals no matter how bad their policies are.

It seems a "no confidence" motion, if parliament ever sits again under the Trudeau dictatorship, is no longer an option.

When you are up against a "bully", the obvious solution is to fight back but we have nothing to fight back with.

We need to change our political system to give us an "out" when tyranny raises its ugly head. Recall Legislation? Impeachment? Something that gives Canadians the legal authority to remove the existing government.

A good video from Quickdick McDick

Canadian in Western Canada

A person who can see Canadians have nothing to fight back knows where we are.

Understanding thousands of Royal appointments are done directly and indirectly by the PM is key. The SCC is Royally appointed, as are provincial courts. The Senate is Royally appointed. Both the SCC and Senate hold a very real veto over the theater that is the Elected House of Commons.

Members of the House are told how to vote. Right now there are members whose constituents did not want them to support the renamed War Measures Act, who do not want to support Trudeau's Tyranny, but they must or they will be removed at great expense to themselves.

Then there are the ballot choices Canadians are given.

We just saw a massive up-swell of support for change, for WEXIT resulting in WEXIT Canada and WEXIT Alberta political parties.

Federalists destroyed both before either was presented as a choice to voters.

Voting got us here, it will not get us out of here.

See that, understand that, and the only remaining paths to freedom and democracy becomes much clearer.

AB Sovereignty

Quickdick is a federal apologist, and thoroughly naïve imo. Central Canada will never willingly release Alberta from under its jackboot. Not a snowflakes chance in h3ll. They have always treated Albertans as colonists, and always will. There is nothing we can do within Confederation to change that. Change via the ballot box will never occur....ever. It is a fallacy.

AB Sovereignty

Central Canadians love the Libtards. Central Canadians are our enemy.


Trudo should have been given a dirt blanket a long time ago.

Jim Mason

Watched an excellent video on this topic made by a farmer.

He pointed out that, for farmers, fertilizer is an input cost and, as any good business person knows, you work hard to reduce your input costs. So farmers have been working very hard ... with scientists ... for a long time to minimize their use of fertilizers while maximizing their production of crops. Any further reduction will result in a reduction of crops.

He also noted that the Clean Fuel Standard will exacerbate the problem. Not only will the reduced use of fertilizer result in reduce crop yields, but more of the crops will be diverted to make ethanol to use in fuels.

I find it hard to believe that there is no one in the Liberal Government ... or the civil service ... that doesn't know this, so the only conclusion is that none of the Liberal MPs have the best interests of their constituents in mind, but only their own interests, and none of the civil service have any principles other than self-preservation. And as for the NDP ... how they can continue to support this autocrat is beyond understanding. SMH!

Albertan Muslim

In Singapore (one of the most liveable cities on earth), 80% of the housing is owned by the government. Look how successful they are.

All housing should be nationalized.

Only Freedom Matters Now

I'm with you on this Mr. Krayden. Unfortunately, there are still enough useful idiots in Canada that support him.

Forward Thinking

What is the Provincial government of Alberta doing to shore up our fertilizer production? Between Alberta and Saskatchewan we have all the raw ingredients required for domestic production. It is time for the Provincial government to take action to protect Albertans from this lunatic. What are they waiting for?

Albertan Muslim

Guns are loud and scary. No need for them in a civilized society.


...maybe you should go live somewhere else if our guns scare you b_tch!!!

Albertan Muslim

Trudeau is a fine leader. Glad we have him!



Did he show 'fine leadership' in abandoning our friends in Afghanistan?

BTW, when do your HS classes begin this Fall? I hope you are able to get out of your mommy's basement this summer.

dgc was your mom! Glad I had her!


Our Prime Mistake would be wise to heed a lesson from the life, er, end of life of Mr. Benito Mussolini. Perhaps the end of Nicolae Ceaușescu.

Mr. Trudeau may well get his dictatorship and TOTAL control over Canadians. In the end, he, like all of us, he'll face Divine Judgement. Based upon his comments and actions so far, he won't find this Judgement pleasant.

Creepy Little Dictator

The New Green Trudeau Holodomor.

What does the math tell us? How many third world children will die from starvation or be blinded from malnutrition due to Trudeau's policies?

Boris Hall

Trudeau is an unhinged mentally ill psychotic in the same vein as Stalin who starved Ukrainians to death

We literally have a mentally insane psychopathic spoiled child “leading” Canada and the amazing thing is our institutions whose primary job is to act as a check and balance against some rouge psychotic such as this have proven unbelievably corrupted , cowardly and impossibly weak and useless

Our entire system appears hopelessly corrupted because of one psychotic child!

Who could have imagined such a thing?

We must not comply with anything coming from such corrupt immoral evil

Canadian in Western Canada

Who could imagine such a thing?

All familiar with Western Canadian history didn't have to imagine. This won't be the first time in our history that decisions in Ottawa will lead to hunger and starvation in Western Canada.

In the 20th century many who commented on the concentration of power into the PMO and ultimately the PM said this day would come. Many over the decades have pointed out that Canada is effectively a dictatorship with the LPC ruling until they need a break. Then the Conservatives step in but only to keep the show going until the Natural Ruling Party returns.

Anyone who has claimed loyalty to Canada, to a Confederation agreement over their Nation in that agreement has had to ignore or address this reality of Canada. Those who address it can see Confederation is long past it's sell by date.


He looks like Al Bundee from married with children with that hair cut.

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