Trudeau, Justin

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended a bill that would regulate YouTube videos as programs subject to CRTC controls.

The Twitter hashtag #TrudeauHasGotToGo makes for some interesting reading.

Over the past few days, tens of thousands of people have taken to social media to declare their disgust with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for calling them “extremist” or “misogynistic” if they refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine or if they disagree with his policies.

Senior Columnist (Parliament Hill)

David Krayden is the Senior Parliament Hill Columnist for the Western Standard based in the Ottawa Bureau. He has been a reporter and columnist for the Ottawa Sun, several major US publications, and the original Western Standard.

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Creepy Little Dictator

#SoapyDon'tSurf. No wonder PM Zoolander doesn't take her to Tofino on his 'surfing' trips.


This journalist needs to up his game several notches. I and my family are "unvaccinated" with the Covid jabs. I AM NOT ANTI-VACCINE. ...have had the polio vax, and even a smallpox vax when I went to grad school in the USA. THE COVID JAB IS NOT---REPEAT "NOT"-- A VACCINE. It doesnt meet the core definition. It DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING COVID (whatever 'covid" turns out to have been), and IT DOESNT PREVENT YOU FROM SPREADING "COVID' TO OTHERS. I am not "anti-vaxxine". I AM ANTI-"COVID VACCINE". These are EXPERIMENTAL jabs THAT DONT WORK. Or, if they do "work", that is in nefarious ways that we still havent nailed down. What we know for certain is: THEY DONT PREVENT WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL PREVENT!! So--applying the most basic of logic---if we are afraind of "covid" and want to be "vaccinated" (using the established meaning of "vaccinated") against Covid, WHY WOULD WE TAKE THESE EXPERIMENTAL SHOTS??? that we now know HAVE MAJOR AND SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS!!! So--to all of the thumb-sucking, mouth-breathing "journalists" out there---stop calling us "ANTI-VAXXERS". When a genuine "vaccine" somes along for a bug that is serious, I WILL BE FIRST IN LINE TO TAKE IT. Meanwhile, the makers of these FAKE vaccines against Covid need to be jailed for a very long time.


I still like the one: 'Toss Trudeau' - I suspect it is a play on Heave Steve (the left painted this everywhere - including stop signs but nothing appeared to be done - care to wager what similar 'toss trudeau' would get as a response?

Of course - that would make him a 'tosser' (Brit slang)

Boris Hall

Who would have thought it possible that one imbecilic spoiled rotten rich kid psychopath could turn Canada into such a corrupted unrecognizable cesspool?

Who would have thought that our institutions who were designed to protect us from such a rogue psychopath would turn out themselves to be more corrupted than Idi Amin’s Uganda and Somalia combined?


Q: Who would have thought that our institutions who were designed to protect us from such a rogue psychopath would turn out themselves to be more corrupted than Idi Amin’s Uganda and Somalia combined?

A: Almost everyone who wrote on the concentration of power in Canada's system. Which increased when Canada failed to reform after Britain ended Royal Rule over Canada in 1926.

Yet more was written on the topic after the first Trudeau began concentrating power into the PM position. In the 1980's and into the 90's there were editorials on the topic. Many have been sounding the warning bells, some after Harper gifted Trudeau with a record number of empty appointments.

This has always been in the cards for the real Canada. Of course not so much for the mythical Canada most of us prefer to live in (I include me when I say that).

Ms. P

"Anti-vaxxers" you wrote, and not in quotes. Think about the number who identified as such prior to 2021. Now think about how many didn't want the experimental mRNA gene therapies. And drop the pejorative please. Other than that, I largely agree. Now Dean Blundell is chiming in that we must all be CPC sponsored bots. [huh]

Mars Hill

I suspect Turdeau has 'flipped' for the Alliance and he'll fade into the sunset with his life very shortly.


That snowboard instructor was installed by WEF.. these are not it ideas. He's told. Traitor to his country for money.. his father (one or another) were the same. Time to de-install that corrupted, criminal minion.


In that case not just installed but installed with unprecedented power.

Harper left a record number of empty appointments for Justin Trudeau.

In the past a single empty Senate seat would result in a media response. When Harper left dozens of empty Senate seats the media was quiet and when it was mentioned it was part of an excuse, a reason why Canadians shouldn't be worried.

Those record number of appointments gave Trudeau power more power in a year than most PM's could get in a decade. In the past all PM's had to deal with appointments made by previous PM's. Appointees who did not "owe" the PM anything. Appointees who rested on idea's like the Rule of Law, being objective and being loyal to the country rather than the person who appointed them.

Trudeau's dad talked and wrote about the power of appointments. His Dad, and following PM's, concentrated power into the PMO and into the PM over the PMO. Many have written about the concentration of such power after Canada did not reform when Royal Rule was ended by Britain in 1926.

To suggest Justin was installed is to suggest a conspiracy that not only includes the WEF but also the Canadian media, the previous PM, the CPC and all other political parties and politicians who have remained silent on the concentration of power into the PMO and Justin Trudeau in particular.

Left Coast

That is nonsense & dribble Jeff . . . ALL Prime Minsters have absolute control, some chose to operate outside of Constitutional bounds like Jr.

Harper certainly did not intend to lose . . . and should not have as Canada was one of the few G7 countries in good shape.

Was the 2015 election swayed by the Media, Unions, Obama's Social Justice Warriors who came for 6 months . . . possibly yes.

How many times has the "Senate" intervened in the legislative process? Very seldom, they usually just rubber stamp & move things along. In reality it is pretty much useless. Reform tried to change that for years but no interest in the east where most of the Senate seats are.

The Radical Appointments today are ALL in the Turdope Cabinet!


Nonsense? Not a great argument. Particularly when agreeing with me that Canada's PM's have dictatorial power, unlike most systems where the "Prime" Minister administers with many other ministers,

Which was the case for the Prime Ministers before Trudeau the 1st. The PMO held power not the PM. There needed to be agreement. Before Trudeau ministers would often not agree and could not be told how to run their ministries if they did not agree.

I would agree Harper did not expect to lose but that doesn't explain, to me, why he left so many appointments empty, particularly in the Senate. Sure they should be elected but failing that appointing Western Canadian friendly Senators should have been the next choice and I wasn't the only one saying that at the time. I do agree though, he should have won and you are correct to say there was undue influence.

How many times has the "Senate" intervened in the legislative process?. Times? The Senate doesn't just "intervene", which is often, it's influence is constant.

The Senate veto, built in from day one, was by design meant to limit whatever democracy emerged from the Elected House. Sober Second Thought comforted the Canadian Elites who didn't want change and feared democracy, with some reason given how it played out in places like France which was still in peoples memory.

After 1926 other dominions reformed with most that come to mind choosing to keep the Senate and have them elected rather than "Royally" appointed. Canada did not. Canada gave the PM that Royal power and created a situation where there would be a constitutional crisis should the now Canadian appointed Senate veto the Canadian Elected House.

Today the Senate "intervenes" every time they make changes to a bill, which they do often. Of course the House can change those changes but notice how often those changes remain. They remain because the Senate has real power. The power of Veto.

To avoid the use of that veto power and the crisis it could trigger, a crisis that many suggest could end Confederation as we know it, the House is carefully controlled.

As we know Members of the House do not vote in the interests of their constituents. MP's must vote as told by their party. Voting in the interests of constituents, particularly Western constituents can have serious consequences for an MP, including financial consequences costing millions of dollars.

But control of the House goes beyond controlling votes although that is key. The Senate veto must be avoided. To do that the House, all parties, have to ensure they do not send a bill to the Senate that gets outright veto'd.

If democracy was allowed in the House it would only be a matter of time before the Senate faced a bill they would have to veto, such as a bill on Senate reform or a bill meant to limit the power of the "Royally" Appointed.

The Senate is not useless, it is powerful. Doing what it was designed to do is not intervening.

While I do not agree with your assessment I would like people to continue to point out where mine is lacking. Unfortunately that is difficult to do here. Maybe continue on another site? If I get responses and remember to come back here to read them of course.


I remember writing to Harper and demanding he fill those vacant seats before he left office and nothing but crickets.

Sadly, Harper wasn’t who we all thought he was.


When can we, the small fringe minority, individually charge Trudeau for Hate Crimes? Each conviction can be punishable by 2 years in prison, I can think of at least 6 times where the prime minister has addressed the public and stated Hateful Speach towards myself. If just 10% of the Canadian population was successful in proscecuting 1 instance of Hate Speach, we could put him away for 6.8 million years, even with a 25% reduction for time served and good behavior he would be eligible for parole in 5.1 million years, I could settle for that.


I love your math here, NRG.


All the damage that Justin Trudeau will do in the next 3 years will all end up on Jagmeat Singh's head! The NDP, Federal and Provincial, no longer represent the "Workers" of Canada as the "Workers" are the people who are bearing the brunt of the pain being inflicted by Jagmeat's Lord and Master Justin! Why Jagmeat is willing to carry Justin's water is beyond me. He was actually kind of liked and respected when he still walked on only 2 feet. Walking on all fours, must be hard on his $5000.00 suits. Trudeau was going to offer Universal Dental Care as his next election Bribe to the sheeple back east anyway, so Jagmeat has actually gotten us nothing. Nothing he was, Nothing he is, and Nothing he will be!

Cosmo Kramer

Simple explanation. Jagmeet is a member of the WEF. No doubt he following orders to support the T u r d.

Cosmo Kramer

The hard truth is that the 416 and 905 area codes determine who governs Canada. I detest this government but he wins in these area codes and does not have to give a darn (come on WS, h e l l and d a m n are not profanities. They appear in the bible for crying out lod) about anything else. He does not have to call and election for 3 more years. Whoever governs Canada will have to swoo and appease these area codes. That is what Canada is. Trudeau is an extreme case of incompetency but as history shows, even if the CPC wins in the future, western concerns and rights get tossed out and the mushy move to the middle and concerns of these area codes become the priority. That is unless westerners vote for the PPC or Maverick party.


Both MAV and PPC are federalists parties who put Canada first. MAV proudly destroyed WEXIT Canada, PPC answers to Canada (Ont/Que). Federalists will never make the changes needed and for very good reasons including historical and realpolitik.

If we do not want to be ruled by 416 and 905 we must leave Confederation, we must leave Canada to go their own way while we go ours.


Replacing Trudeau does not change Canada or any of it's un-democratic, colonial systems. People thought changing past PM's would change Canada but it did not.

We had a decade of a Reformer, elected by Western Canadians to change Canada. Not only did he not change Canada he gave Trudeau a record number of empty appointments. Appointments that enabled Trudeau to secure a level of power that would normally take a decade or more.

Changing the PM does not change Canada, does not change the fact that Canada is an oppressive dictatorship by design, proudly Sober Second Thought.


Someone else gets it Canadian Jeff!

Left Coast

Been to Edmonton & Calgary lately Jeff?

They are becoming dens of Socialism, look at the Mayors & City Councils.

In the next decade if nothing changes 5 Million more eager eaters will descend on Canada, many going to Alberta. Present stats show that after a decade over 30% are still on the Govt Dole . . . and you think these folks are going to want to separate from the hand that feeds them?

Your idea that the Senate is some massive power institution is silly . . . it is a retirement home for old party hacks who if they bother to attend are usually sleeping.

I disagree that the Reform/CPC did not Change Canada . . .

Remember when . . . .

World's Richest Middle Class . . . NY Times

World's Best Reputation . . . Reputation Institute

Best Wage Growth in G7 Nations . . . 2007-2012

Best Oilfield Salaries in the World . . .

Best Oilfield Enviro Regs in the World . . . Harvard Bus School

Best Country to do Business . . . . Forbes

World's Best Debt to GDP Ratio , . . OECD

ALL of that is in the REAR VIEW Mirror today Canada . . . Canadians chose the repressive low intellect Marxist Crime Minister in power today . . .

Boris Hall

It is still surreal that such a ridiculously corrupted imbecile child like this is “leader” of Canada

Canada is not a serious country with this idiotic psychopathic as PM

It’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so tragic

And the craziest thing is our institutions went along with this petulant psychotic


I was reading the comments quoted on #TrudeauHasGotToGo


It is #trudeaumustgo that is trending.

Sloppy journalism or a subverted attempt to hide it? That's a few times this week the WS appears to be batting for team liberal.


What took people so long?

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