Amira Elghawaby

Amira Elghawaby, appointed by Prime Minister Trudeau as Canada's special representative on combatting Islamophobia, has now apologized for remarks that smeared Quebeckers as Islamophobes.

Can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau please give his cluttered head a good shake and ask himself just why he appointed activist Amira Elbhawaby as something called a 'special representative' on combatting Islamophobia.  

Does this man have any conception of equality under the law?

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Alberta Rules

Canada wake up, get rid of the Federal govt we do not need a service corporation owned by charles that leech in england writing policy NOT LAW..Do your research , today's govts have no say in any of our lives...Why you say...?? We were born free, owned by no man under God's law..We live under Natural law. As long as we do not commit the 3 basic laws....Thou shall not kill, steal or trespass on each other..PERIOD


Pierre is correct. Trudeau is dividing the country. Divide and conquer is the only tactic he has left.

Hopefully the East will soon wake up to the damages being done by the Liberals and the idiot they have put in power.


jihadi Justin making as much damage as possible before his losing the next election. 🥾🥔

Tracy ooa

This racist pandering position needs to be eliminated .When is enough going to be enough for regular everyday Canadians of whatever religion to say no more of these divisive hateful Liberals

Rick W

Islamophobia -- the fear Islamists have of anything that is not Islamic!


Trudeau has made this appointment as it solidly follows the fuhrers plans to cause hatred and chaos. Dictators need both of these elements in their reign as it provides them with an excuse to slame more draconian laws on the people. It works as history has proven, time and time again. Until the union workers and the closed minded sheeple actually realize the tyrants destruction, Canada will keep descending into an oppressive regime, with a out of control lunatic and his puppet (ndp) bent on destroying.


Just one more step up for Islam, supported by this Eastern Dominated Liberal Government! God help Canada, if Canadians do not smarten up, and put an end to this destruction of everything this country once stood for!


Islamaphobia czar protects us from racism, problem is that she is a racist anti Canadian. Another wedge issue starting from the PMO. Every time I hear the term Islamophobia I like them less.


Perhaps it is more a gesture to search for both media support (CBC/Toronto Star where she (is) was involved) and a potential voter segment as a sort of 'two for one' arrangement.

There does appear to be a complete disregard for any form of concerning history or seemingly racist/religious etc intolerances on the part of appointees by the PM or PMO. Noted how there is never an objection by the NDP.

Note that minimal objective or even vaguely critical perspective of much of the msm/legacy media.

Tommy Digger

I have never heard of any Canadian fearing a Muslim or Islam.


Critical thinking and objective Canadians generally realize to fear a whole group of people for a religious affiliation is ludicrous. There are of course extremists in a creed, belief structure, ideology, etc. They are exactly that - extremists.

Major religions have an essential core of positive perspectives to society. They probably wish to obtain new members however the process is by acceptance. Practicing their beliefs may be viewed as different by some but that is their choice and realistically doesn't negatively affect others.

The problem: Those who for their own purposes create dissention, polarization and fear. Sounds a great deal more like self serving political parties and various msm/legacy media rather than most Canadians.


All Canadians should fear that ideology of hate. That is all it is, pure and simple. And it appears the Communists in power in Canada are bringing them in by the planeload anymore. The plot behind it is the same one behind "multiculturalism" and the the "diversity is our strength" mantra. Both of these constructs are communist tools to divide and conquer the country. Mao used class, in the western nations the weapon is race. The communists know Islam cannot coexist with any other ideology or system.


100% agreed.

Woodrow George

Well said and you speak the truth.


Yeah cause these ignorant 95% of Canadians and might include you have never read up to what Islam actually stands for. If they had than they would realize what a vile oppressive ant-women "religion " it is and they would've never allowed a single muslim into the country.

Alberta Rules

Amen, just wait when a lot of them get into the service corporations called govts, they will introduce their sharia law..


What would you expect from a titanically stupid PM


Regardless of race or colour or religion if your not born in this country you have 0 right to be part of this government…….. these people are destroying this country fast and I’m sick of these new immigrants being put into the federal government it’s destroying Canada as we no it. If your a new immigrant to Canada and have children born here they would be legitimate person to join the government no if ands or buts


Check out The Voice of the Martyrs and see how diverse inclusive and equitable Islam is in other nations. God save Canada from the likes of this woman.

Woodrow George

Fact: where muslims are in the minority, they demand minority rights. Where muslims are in the majority, there aren't any minority rights.


100% nailed it.



Alberta Rules

Amen..Wait until they demand we use their sharia law..

Woodrow George

Diversity - Inclusion - Equity: DIE as in DIE, CANADA. The end game of DIE is to destroy Canada.


Division, Intolerance, Exclusion, we should admit what it really is.

Tommy Digger

I stand with the women in Iran and Afghanistan; burn the hijabi.


I wonder what her salary and perks are??


EID = Equity Inclusion and Diversity Holidays Get IT?


I told you 2025 was too long to wait to get rid of this regime, that is hell bent on destroying the nation.

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