Trudeau Emergencies Act

Justin Trudeau announces the Emergencies Act Inquiry in the House of Commons, in April 2022.

With the Emergencies Act Inquiry, the jig is up for Justin Trudeau and time is running out for the prime minister. 

At least as far as the truth is concerned. 

Freedom Convoy

Freedom Convoy 

Convoy protests

Crowds gather outside the Parliament Buildings on Ottawa's Wellington Street, during the Convoy protest.

Tamara Lich

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich 

Senior Columnist (Parliament Hill)

David Krayden is the Senior Parliament Hill Columnist for the Western Standard based in the Ottawa Bureau. He has been a reporter and columnist for the Ottawa Sun, several major US publications, and the original Western Standard.

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(25) comments


The fact that "MISCHIEF" is the most serious charge levelled at any of the protesters, should be enough to point out to any thinking person, Trudeau / Freeland's gargantuan over reaction in using the Emergencies Act. By definition "MISCHIEF" is trivial, and certainly no fundamental or existential threat to the nation, as required by the Emergencies Act. To justify use of the E/A, charges of sedition at least, would be expected. Think people.

Canadian in Western Canada

When written like that indeed it does look like the jig should be up.

But look into Canadian history. Avoiding accountability is built into Ottawa, built into Canada. There are many tactics available.

The library has examples of those options. One is to let the truth be spoken at the inquiry, have media misrepresent that truth, drag out the hearings, delay the report and then release a report that bears little resemblance to what those attending heard.

Another is to change a main player, either promotion or retirement or shuffle, then claim the inquiry is no longer needed and shut it down. It can be started up again, after enough delay, if required. ADSCAM inquiry is an example of just shutting down an inquiry that is getting out of control.

Another option is have criminal charges laid against some minor player, in which case the inquiry has wait until the investigation is done. Or call a recess or even an election or require a ruling before continuing.

There is a reason no one can recall a Canadian politician with any real power facing any real consequences for their actions in office.

Boris Hall

Do not expect any justice

Canadian institutions are more corrupted than Somalia

This will be a Liberano mafia/ MSM whitewash

Creepy Little Dictator

Relax folks, Judge Rouleau only donated to the Liberals nine times between 2019 and 2022.


This enquiry will be a sham unless it is a bonafide independant enquiry. Our so called " leader " has proven himself to be a traitor to the people , the constitution . From many reports, it looks like liberal insiders , supporters have been chosen to play a part in the actual process. NOT OKAY !


If anyone was at fault it was this government and the government paid media that created a so called crises. Canadian citizens have the right to protest peacefully which was what they were doing. The government refusal to talk to the protestors and explain the mandates and the scientific facts from all sides is where the problem was.

Burnt Wood

Will Tamara Lich be allowed to speak at the inquiry? Her bail conditions says she can not. When will Tamara Lich be put on trial for her political beliefs?


I hope these liberal cockroaches get stepped on and crushed completely

Creepy Little Dictator

What load of baloney will the Zoolander media concoct to distract the Canadian sheep from the inquiry? What 'scandal' do they have in their pockets that they have been holding onto? Or are they just going to flat out lie to us about what is actually said by the witnesses?


trudope, like a slimy worm, the slimeball will wiggle out of this just like all the other issues he has.

Jim Mason

“If Trudeau read the memo and ignored it, he's guilty of deliberately ignoring his own intelligence and putting his political objectives above facts. If he failed to consult his own intelligence agency or to read the memo, he is guilty of incompetence and gross negligence.”


Moreover, at the time that he imposed the vaccination mandate that led to the protest, it had been known for about month that the fully vaccinated were becoming infected at a much greater rate than the unvaccinated, as measured by new cases per 100,000 of each group.

This was obvious from even a cursory look at the graphs published on the government of Ontario website, but had also been reported in at least two papers in the scientific journals, one using the Ontario data and another using Danish data, as well as for a wider audience in an article in the WSJ coauthored by a Nobel laureate in Medicine.

If Trudeau knew this and ignored it, he is malevolent. If he didn’t know it, then either the federal public health officials are incompetent because they didn’t know it either but should have because knowing such things is surely part of their job, or a cabinet minster is guilty of gross negligence for knowing this, having been so advised by public health officials, but not telling Trudeau.

None of these inspire any confidence in this government. However, IMO, examining this issue should be part of the inquiry since it was the imposition of the mandate that led to to convoy and everything that followed. The invocation of the EA rests entirely on this diktat by Trudeau, so the background leading to is imposition needs to be thoroughly examined.


The Headline is really claiming victory too soon. The Person doing the inquiry is a devoted card carrying Liberal. That is cause for concern for me, just as in some of the court cases the presiding judges have stated that the government actions were not extreme in the face of the pandemic we faced, so not all judges would start a hearing from ground Zero, but rather with certain actions taken established as facts. Let us hope that the Chair of this inquiry starts with an open and clean sheet.

Mars Hill

The cabal is crumbling......

LJeromeS never know which person can finally say--I am old enough that I dont need to kiss any WEF choir boys backside, and I am going to show some integrity. We can still hope.....

Tim W

A naz i to a globalist is a normal proud Canadian that delays their great work in building utopia. We're all pretty much naziz to Trudeau, the only prime minister yet that truly despises his own people.


All just window dressing. As a long time Lieberal, the head of the inquiry will ensure that nothing will stick to True-dolt. Nothing sticks to slime, after all. The MSM will continue to paint True-dolt as the great Canadian saviour, saving Canadug from the 'horrid, alt'right, Trumpian terrorists' on the centre and right.

Paul S

We all know Trudeau has no problem lying under oath.... or he will just repeat his talking points, which say nothing at all.... over and over and over and over


Well summed up GK & OFMN. Once would be too often for us mortal folks, however for our Traitorist Dictator in Ottawa, one can safely bet he will wash his hands & carry on once again with great help from his msm & NDP employees. Unfortunately, I'm sure he will loose no sweat or sleep.

Boris Hall

What a relief it would be for Canada if this vile corrupted moronic imbecile just keeled over and died


My right wing premier in Alberta wrote trudeau for help with protestors at the time. Now the right is all freaked out by Trudeau's actions. The right is queen of the blame game.


Where’s the letter? Which Premier are you talking about? And how do you know they wrote a letter? If it smells like BS it probably is, and I’m calling BS on your comment.

Canadian in Western Canada

The first Trudeau? Even then Alberta didn't have a "right wing" premier, we are not even allowed right wing ballot options how would one get elected?


Don't expect much from this sham inquiry except a multimillion dollar bill to Canadians. Trudeau's appointment of a long time Liberal supporter to head the inquiry guarantees the outcome will be favorable to him.


Nothing will stick. Nothing ever sticks to this mo ron. It'll be circular talk and word salad prepared for you by Butz and Hurricane Katie.

Only Freedom Matters Now

Sure. But, it seems that reality and truth don't seem to persuade those mesmerized by Trudeau's pretty socks.

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