Three Conservative MPs

Colin Carrie, Leslyn Lewis, Christine Anderson, and Dean Allison

Re: Conservative leader Poilievre denounces Christine Anderson after three MPs meet with her

The far-right AfD has long been considered suspicious by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, as members continue to show signs of increasing radicalization such as inciting hatred against refugees and immigrants. Last week, the AfD’s youth wing was placed under official government surveillance. Within the last few days there has also been talk that the German government may soon attempt to ban the AfD in its entirety, citing its alleged threat to the democratic and egalitarian nature of the constitution.

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If Pierre Poilievre expelled these MP's it would be a disaster for the party. He would look incredibly weak for falling into a left-wing apology/woke trap.


Just more ad hominem attacks with no sources. Ignore the idiot.

AB Sovereignty



Sorry Mr Mazal but you are ill informed and so was Pierre….if you actually listened to her you would have heard her explain that she was not Islamaphobic but against the extremist who exist inside of this religion. She is for controlled and safe immigration. Leslynn Lewis is against racism, pro-life and values freedom. You need to research this more thoroughly…respectfully…


Well stated!!


"The CDU/CSU may soon attempt to ban the AfD in its entirety, citing its alleged threat to the democratic and egalitarian nature of the constitution." I postulate that the bigger danger to democracy is posed by the WEF warped CDU and CSU parties, similar to what Canada's own Lib/NDP regime is implementing thru all sorts of oppressive anti freedom legislation as we speak.

Left Coast

Mumtaz Mahal is one confused dude . . . . "Far-Right" = na zis in your weak mind?

But Na zis are National Socialists . . . Socialism is a tenant of Marxism man . . . this has always been the realm of the far-left. If you had a clue what you were talking about you would understand that the "Left" always charges conservatives of doing what they ARE DOING.

"The description “Far-Right” is a great misnomer for the successors of Hitler in modern-day. Modern-day neo-Na zis are demonstrably just as Leftist as Hitler was.

They are pre-war Leftists, just as Hitler was. They are a relic in the modern world of thinking that was once common on the Left but no longer is. They are a hangover from the past in every sense. They are antisemitic just as Hitler was. They are racial supremacists just as Hitler was. They are advocates of discipline just as Hitler was. They are advocates of national unity just as Hitler was. They glorify war just as Hitler did etc. And all those things that Hitler advocated were also advocated among the prewar American Left.

WHY such thinking is seen as “Rightist” today. And the answer to THAT goes back to the nature of Leftism! The political content of Leftism varies greatly from time to time. The sudden about-turn of the Left on antisemitism in recent times is vivid proof of that. And what the political content of Leftism is depends on the Zeitgeist — the conventional wisdom of the day. Leftists take whatever is commonly believed and push it to extremes in order to draw attention to themselves as being the good guys — the courageous champions of popular causes. So when the superiority of certain races was commonly accepted, Leftists were champions of racism. So when eugenics was commonly accepted as wise, Leftists were champions of eugenics.

Left Coast

(cont) , , , ,

"Such beliefs have become less common but they have not gone away. They are however distinctly non-Leftist in today’s climate of opinion so are usually defined as “Rightist” by default. So the beliefs of the neo-Na zis are Rightist only in the default sense of not being currently Leftist.

The Far-Right is not Right at all . . . it is the Old Radical Left!"


Thank you for meeting with this MP she is not racist or extreme that’s just propaganda !


Mumtaz Mahal,, the only extremist is you. The only bigot, is you. Cancel yourself.

Creepy Little Dictator

What a pantload of anti-white racism.


Let's not forget Trudeau's visit to India, when Jaspal Atwal was invited to a reception. Or the grant given to Community Media Advocacy, and Laith Marouf's anti-Semitic tweets. Or non-ethical behaviour by Liberal ministers. No one resigned or lost their job. Mr. Poilievre made a statement about this event, but I would disagree with him. If you sell freedom of speech and the freest nation on earth, then why should there be restrictions on your luncheon date. I have more issues with our PM and MPs associating with an international organisation and implementing their policies, changing our country.


I has listened to Anderson in interviews and there is nothing racist or extremist about her. She has legit concerns. MP Leslyn Lewis who met with her is also an immigrant. A wise woman who saw no issues with Anderson. This letter writer should do some homework and quit listening to mainstream media's version of Anderson. Europe is so left that I would question any of their definition of political stripes.


Christine Anderson is a duly elected member of a foreign parliament. You feel the need to cancel anyone who had the courtesy to meet with her when she visited Canada. How very woke of you! Trudeau will welcome you to the NDP/Liberals with open arms.


Right on the money! Do not expect conservative to lockstep and goose step to your WEP propaganda.


I've seen interviews with Christine Andersen. She seems ok. The Conservative MPs did nothing to complain about.


This is just ignorant slander. Instead of voting conservative the letter writer should just vote liberal for the freebies instead of trying to turn a BARELY conservative CPC into the liberals.

Bill L

👍 Agreed!

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