MAKICHUK: Ten humble wishes for the New Year

MAKICHUK: Ten humble wishes for the New Year

And so this is Christmas and what have you done?

Another year over and a new one just begun, from the John Lennon/Yoko Ono song Happy Christmas (War Is Over), sung by Lennon, Ono and The Harlem Community Choir. 

That song still hits me hard, truth be told.

No matter where I am, listening to a radio, it can choke me up.

Because I know what it means, I know. Been there, done that.

We all have, haven’t we?

And so, what are my Top Ten wishes for 2024?

Here it goes, no holds barred! No censorship! No filter! Hold on! I'm hitting the afterburner!

And a big thanks to Nigel, Dave, Myke & Derek, for letting me have this awesome voice on the Western Standard.

  1. I hope that Justin Trudeau… just goes away. I mean, just go away, before you put the final nail into Canadian unity. Before you end our Confederation. Please, dear God, go back to teaching drama. That and surfing in Tofino, BC. You got that.

  2. I hope our current Environment Minister and jack-in-office, Steven Guilbeault, who has done more damage to our country than any Canadian politician in history, loses his job when the Grits fall. And I use the word 'politician' lightly. I honestly don't know what planet this fellow is living on. I was hoping he would stay in Dubai, but no luck. To put it nicely, let his future job include, “Do you want fries with that?”

  3. I wish and hope, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, will continue to valiantly stand up to the PMO and its divisive and destructive policies, which are killing our once great province. We need to have her back, stand up for her all the way. Ignore the cowardly local TV/radio media and their egg-head university prognosticators and show some frikkin' balls! Full speed ahead!

  4. I wish and hope, that Nikki Haley soars in the US Republican leadership race, and puts an end to Donald Trump’s run for the White House. Go Nikki go! She’s an educated, intelligent woman and I think she will do fine as president of the United States. America needs change very badly. Like many others, I have given up on Sleepy Joe Biden.

  5. I wish and hope, the high-paid millionaire athletes in our city (and you know who you are) will give back more to the community that worships them and for some reason, thinks they represent us. I hope Flames’ General Manager Craig Conroy makes this more important in the New Year. The citizens of Calgary are funding 96% of the new arena, maybe you should show some appreciation? The Stampeders, in comparison, should be commended for all their charity work. They put the Flames to shame. Ironically, the Stamps are the team that has earned our respect, not those overpaid, spoiled NHLers.

  6. I wish and hope that Glenbow Ranch Park CEO Jeromy Farkas stands strong and protects that beautiful park from destruction, due to the planned East Glenbow Dam. This is a terrible project, that must be stopped. End of story. Go Jeromy Go!

  7. I was going to hope that aliens would land on the White House lawn, to finally end the great UFO debate and bring peace and cheap affordable energy to the world. But even if they did, I think mankind would still find a way to screw things up. According to Top Secret MJ-12 NATO documents, at least five and as many as 12 alien races, have visited the earth. An assortment of Greys, Nordics, Reptilians, etc. It is no wonder, they want nothing to do with us.

  8. I wish and hope Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek is visited by the three Ghosts of Christmas Eve (from Dicken's Christmas Carol), showing what a terrible mayor she really is and, hopefully, turning her into a good person, who actually cares about Calgarians, instead of basking in her officialdom and screwing things up royally. (Add the sound of Jacob Marley's chains.) Become a mayor who has our backs, and stop taxing us into oblivion. And, maybe take a phone call or two, or maybe an email? Show some humanity.

  9. I wish for the Alberta government, the Canadian government, City Hall and all the millionaire oilpatch bigwigs, to help support the Hangar Flight Museum in their $60 million bid to build a spanking new, first-class facility. Every school kid should be taken to this museum, to see a fully restored and protected Lancaster bomber — not just a temporary tent — to see first-hand, the cost of freedom.

  10. And lastly, there was a time I thought Quebec was one of the most special things about Canada. Not anymore. I have one big Christmas wish for all of us, that we give Quebec an ultimatum. Either it behaves like a member of Confederation or leaves Confederation. Quebec is holding us back. They are takers, not givers, with a sense of entitlement no less. To be honest, we should have let them go, when we had the chance. And a message to the Quebec premier, from Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame: "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting."

And so, as Lennon and Ono sang: A very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, let's hope it's a good one, without any fear.

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