Alberta Nurses Association

Alberta Nurses Association on the steps of the Legislature (source: ANA)

I’m not the first guy to poke the hornets nest of social media outrage. I regularly poke forks at environmentalists, politicians, First Nations politicians, and an assortment of categories of social justice warriors. But never have I received such an hysterical and vitriolic response as I did when I dared to question the work ethic of some unionized nurses in Alberta.

It was a simple and anecdotal tweet (most are). I wrote of a time when I was at a hospital and observed a number of nurses sitting around in the ward island drinking coffee, shuffling paper and complaining of their lot in life while a lone young nurse made the rounds on their behalf. Perhaps the tweet was a bit unfair. It wasn’t nice (I rarely am). But the response to it was explosive.

Senior Columnist & Host

Cory Morgan is a Senior Alberta Columnist and the Host the Cory Morgan Show for the Western Standard and Alberta Report based in the Calgary Headquarters. He previously served as Opinion Editor.

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