I know a Canadian man who lives in Thailand. He teaches English as his primary occupation, but he and his wife also have a “hobby farm” raising crickets in large wooden bins in their home. When the insects are ready for harvesting, his wife—a Thai native—fries them up with popular Thai seasonings. The crickets are then sold as snacks on the local streets.

For Thais, eating insects isn’t novel. Take a look at some of the other mouth-watering delicacies they eat: bamboo worms, silkworms, grasshoppers and giant water bugs.


Karen Selick is a Columnist for the Western Standard and based near Belleville, Ontario. She been a columnist for the National Post, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, and the original Western Standard. She retired in 2016 after 38 years of practicing law.

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Edible insects are an underestimated reservoir of human and animal parasites. Our research indicates the important role of these insects in the epidemiology of parasites pathogenic to vertebrates. Conducted parasitological examination suggests that edible insects may be the most important parasite vector for domestic insectivorous animals.

The study entitled, Chitin and Its Effects on Inflammatory and Immune Responses is rather measured considering the various deeply troubling findings:

The significance of chitin and its derivatives on immune responses has not been fully appreciated. Such responses are reflection of not only chitin but also chitinases and chitinase-like proteins during natural or experimental exposure, each with their own mechanisms to induce and regulate immune responses. There are many aspects of chitin-immune system interactions which are not thoroughly understood yet. Basically, Also, consuming insects over time will result in depletion of vitamins.


I just sent this to the Neepawa Banner:

Will crickets feed Canada, let alone the world?

Canada’s annual production:

beef 1.35m mt

pork 2.28m mt

unit m mt = “million metric tons”

crickets 12 “Annually, the London facility [of Aspire] will produce 12 million kilos of crickets... in London, Ontario, the site of the world’s largest insect protein manufacturing facility”


= 12million kg = 12 ×106 kg = 12 ×106 ×10-3 mt = 12,000 mt = 0.012m mt

Crickets/(beef +pork) = 0.71%

I can’t find what Aspire feeds their crickets. Some observations:

“The key is to keep the crickets’ bin at a consistent 86 degrees Fahrenheit [30degC].”

A good trick during a Canadian winter without fossil fuels. Note: “crickets’ taste will vary depending what they eat.” They do eat meat.

“You can feed your crickets with special crickets’ food.” For prices see:

Note that crickets exhale the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide that we, cows and pigs do.

Draw your own conclusions about whether or not our politicians are innumerate.

Paulos, J.A. (2011) Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Richard Gordon, Alonsa,


Simple question: do you support the continued existence of the 'Canada Food Guide'>

Then you have already given your consent. You will eat the crickets, and you will be happy.


There's a great new substack article on this subject by threadsirish:

Barron Not Barron



Subsidizing great things, because we all want them so much.

Sounds exactly like electric cars.

Sounds exactly like unreliable power generation. Most people call them "renewables", but I prefer not lying to myself or others.


The government stealing our money and using it to harm us again.


It began by making pot legal. Lowering the IQ and Motivation of potential voters might be a good plan in their minds, but all it does is take more "liberals" away from the election poll booths, not conservatives. Gen Z is starting to lean conservative.


Much more protein per pound in every politician that we have already paid for, plus it will save us benefits and pensions. Within 2-5 years it'll be time for the public barbecues.


First off, I wonder if the Bilderbergers got served crickets? Or the WEF--does Klaus Schwab eat them? How about Jagmeat Singh? Or little Trudeau? Or Prince Charles? or........ I suspect that if you ask for a copy of their menus, what you will hear will be............crickets.


Bang on! It's nice to know the WS is seeing the bigger picture here. There are no conspiracies—just 5 and 10 year plans.

Burnt Wood

Insects generate huge amounts of green house gas, so obviously this isn't about replacing beef on climate change. Perhaps then the reason for the massive subsidies is the government expects Kanada to become a third world country very soon.


Thanks for your comment. Aspire Food Group says they don't generate greenhouse gases. If you have information that says they do, I'd like to know about it, please.


The only thing I have read so far is from a Sciencedaily article in that they produce 8 to 12 times less greenhouse gases then pigs. I haven't seen the data, so can't evaluate if it is a justified conclusion. As we know, scientists can manipulate easily to get a desired result. The bigger picture to evaluate is if livestock emissions are even a problem in the first place. There are many holes in the global warming, now known as climate change, debate.


This is a way for the gov to control you remember Ottawa is enemy occupied territory


As a taxpayer, I am tired of governments using taxpayer dollars to "SUBSIDIZE" private businesses that project huge profits. If taxpayers are to be involved, it should be on a share basis so there is a retrurn on the investment.


I think I would rather eat a politician than a bug, I’m betting because politicians are so full of it, they probably taste like feces, but they are well saturated in largess and he||, I paid for them with my hard earned tax dollars, so really they should be hanging on the rack for free right? Even on the BBQ I bet they would still be saying sweet nothingness like they do in the HoC. This has become absurd to the max. The difference between conspiracy theory and facts is about six months. They told us we were crazy to suggest they would

Label our ethically raised beef and pork as “poisonous” they told us we were crazy that they would force us to eat bugs, well here we are. Had enough yet?

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