Raheel Raza

Raheel Raza

Justice Minister Tyler Shandro yielded Thursday to demands from Muslim groups that the chief of the Alberta Human Rights Commission (AHRC) be removed from office. No explanation was included in the cabinet order provided by the justice department.

Commissioner Collin May was asked to resign earlier in the week. On Monday, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCMM,) consisting of 28 Muslim groups and mosques, condemned May in a letter sent to Shandro, calling for May’s resignation.

Senior Columnist (Manitoba)

Linda Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard based out of Winnipeg. She has been an investigative columnist for the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and Alberta Report.

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Left Coast

"NDP justice critic Irfan Sabir was declined. But, in a July 7 statement, Sabir called May’s review “overtly racist and Islamophobic”" ? ? ?

One Question Sabir . . . . How can one be "racist" towards a Political/Religious system that has members from EVERY RACIAL persuasion on the Planet as members? Well maybe not Eskimos/Inuit . . .

Izzzlamophobia is a meaningless slur hurled at those who question the most divisive & dangerous organization on the planet today.


If you really want to know what's going on with the 'Religion of Peace' and their not so hidden agenda then watch this interview from early 2019 on the Candace Owens Show, the original video was censored by YT soon after it was released.


Kim J

Once again a great example of how the demand for racism has exceeded the supply. Shame on Shandro and Kenney for giving in to these baseless claims of racism. And all my respect to people like Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah for speaking out.

Woodrow George

Where muslims are in the minority, they demand minority rights. Where muslims are in the majority, there aren't any minority rights.

Free Canada

This goes to show there is corruption in the Muslim groups too. With Election so close, Shandro had no choice. The gov will have to pay out a massive severance package in this case.


IMO, Shandro did not do any research into this issue he just "bent over"! Lazy politician, afraid to take a stand on freedom of speech. As Linda Slobodian writes, it was a "book review". They could have written a rebuttal if they disagreed. "To ask that May be fired is Cancel Culture at its best".

Woodrow George



Yes, govt. taxpayers on the hook for millions!


It would be so wonderful to politicians who actually lead instead of following the extremist voices and “played politics”. I am so “done” with Kenney and his buddies. Go away, please.


I completely agree with you.


Does Deuteronomy 28 apply to the English-speaking nations? We can certainly apply the following across the board to the white, English-speaking Commonwealth nations:

The foreigner living among you will rise higher and higher above you, while you sink down lower and lower. (Deu 28:43 BSB)

Boris Hall

That certainly appears to be their plan

And if you object to your own destruction you are “racist”

Boris Hall

Why not organize trans and gay pride parades through every mosque?

Im sure the mosques would be super excepting and “inclusive” of this

Left Coast

Shandro proved once again what a gutless POS he really is . . .

Raza has been around for over a decade and is a forthright citizen . . . and she has spoken against the radicals for many years.

It is no mystery that the number of anti-semitic attacks in Canada has increased in direct relation to the admission of middle eastern radicals.

But as we watch Europe descend into chaos, we are going down the same path, only a decade or maybe two behind. Canada's FakeStream Govt Funded Media has ignored the car burning in Paris, Sweden turning into the crime capital of the EU & the numerous incidents in Germany. Those Govts have made excuses or even tried to cover up.

Izzzlam is a Political System with an agenda . . .

Respected muslim scholar warns Canadian Senate Committee truth about islam





These kangaroo courts should be shut down as well. We don’t need them. The courts can look after legit complaints.


Shandro has to go.

Des Zacharias

Shandro should have been run off after the Covid FU, once again proving his spineless ineptitude


Giving in to Islam is cutting your own throat .


Once again JK, shows his loyalty to doing what is wrong. Just asche caves for Trudy s does he cave for jihad. He needs his $$$$.


Historically accurate statement. Islam spread by military conquest from Mecca the south of France to Vienna to India over a period spanning many centuries. That’s plain fact.

Dave's Dog

Does Islam still despise gays of all genders?

Boris Hall

Want to understand the problem with Islamification in Canada and the West in general?

Read “America Alone” by the brilliant and funny Mark Steyn

Written in 2006 and every paragraph is coming true


He will sue, and win, get paid millions from the suit and It won’t cost Shandro a dime, it will all be funded by the taxpayer. Shandro will walk away with his gold plated pension, and a golden handshake.

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