Notley and Hoffman

Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley (L) and Sarah Hoffman, who was Health Minister during the Notley administration.

Former Alberta education minister Dave Eggen and ex-party leader Ray Martin were on hand to enjoy a drag queen performance at an NDP constituency annual general meeting (AGM) last November.

Children were there too, clutching bills in their wee hands to give as a tip to the dancing and prancing drag queen Camren. A video shows two very young children timidly handing Camren money which he grabbed and stuffed in his pocket.

NDP drag

Senior Columnist (Manitoba)

Linda Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard based out of Winnipeg. She has been an investigative columnist for the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and Alberta Report.

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What’s next? Strippers?

Kim J

I'll admit it, I voted NDP the last two provincial elections (there won't be a 3rd time). I've always considered myself to be left of center. But this is all just way too much for me. Kids today are seeing so much disturbing, sexualized content on-line. It's no wonder more of them are being treated for mental health issues (not withstanding all the propaganda pushed on them over covid. 'Wear a mask and get a vaccine or you're going to kill Grandma'.) The adults 'in the room' are supposed to be fighting against this and protecting children, not exposing them to Drag Queens, which is ADULT entertainment. Gays Against Groomers is a wonderful new group that is helping to fight against this harmful gender ideology.


Goodbye NDP/LIB coalition. What a disgrace for Canada.

Tommy Digger

Does Notley take a cut from the drag queens?

Jonathan Dixon

Tommy Douglas would be ashamed.

Conservative Hippie

Remember folks! They're all in this together! NDP, UCP, even Alberta Independence Party. Yup! Even our home grown separatist party. They got rid of Pastor Art as leader because he would not bow scrape or moderate his speech for the woke class.

There's only one way out and it isn't voting. They are pushing for total tyrannical control or civil war. Either way expect UN soldiers on your street one day really soon. This isn't going away.

All the corruption in our schools and libraries is under UCP. Notley blows her dog whistle and UCP rolls over. There is no vote, there is no future but more of the same and worse yet to come. Decide your priorities and your moralities. Voting for your wallet instead of your moral compass is why this has been allowed to go on. Our grandparents would be rolling in their graves and our ancestors are wondering why no poles are being decorated with heads. Have fun with your window dressings. I'm sitting back with a bowl of popcorn and waiting for this derelict house to burn or crumble. I would have voted for Pastor Art but he's out so there's no one left.


One must remember that there are two groups. The largest one is the stupid minions at the bottom that actually believe that what they’re doing is right. That drag queens prancing in front of children is just showing children that DQ’s are just regular people and a normal part of society. These folks are the useful idiots. But the smaller group, the ones at the top, the control freaks, know full well that this is about demoralizing our society to make us weak and then implementing communism.


looks like the kids were a plant - everyone there has grey hair. it does not matter - this is outrageous - why would they set up kids to hand money to someione showing their crotch. i bet their parents walk around the house like this - right. this is grooming at its best!


NDP are degenerates.

Left Coast

The Trannies are about to get Radical & more Aggressive . . . coming to Canada?

The "woke" culture being pushed in schools and media is generating mentally deranged youth, and now an element of the trans movement has gone full militant, calling for a 'Day of Vengeance' against non-trans people.

That's probably why this trans shooter just carried out mass murder against Christians in a private school (in Nashville). It looks like the beginning of a nationwide trans terrorism movement that's being indirectly funded and celebrated by the woke corporations, media, government, universities and other institutions.

Get woke, go broke has now become get woke, go militant.

The war against Christians on the streets of America has apparently begun.

Left Coast

Group Behind Trans “Day of Vengeance” Raised Money for Firearms Training – Vile Trans Activists Pose with Massive Firearms Threatening Christians Ahead of Rally at US Supreme Court

Woodrow George

[thumbup]Yep, it's happening.


Not surprised glad my children are through school. Fell bad for my grandchildren.


Meanwhile Global news is concerned that at some point Danielle Smith met with Arthur Pawalski. Wow that is so much worse than Trans grooming children at an NDP party. Sick MSM is getting worse by the day!


With that group of perverts governing us,may God deliver us from that kind of perversion!There won’t be a kid safe in this province!




Can you just imagine the corruption we would have to cope with if these perverts get in power? What else can we call this? It's beyond reality! The NDP only push social degradation in the name of being progressive. And promote name calling and you know they will tax the cr$p out of us. To make matters worse, Voting for Notley isn't. It's voting for the corrupt federal NDP. Who are comfortably in bed with the most corrupt government in Canadian history! If the NDP does get to much for seats even, they will be the dumbest opposition ever. Just look at what they think is an issue? Somali educating? Really? Yet if a school decides it wants that it can do that any way theses days? Yet they bring it up in the leg? Wow. Talk about not living in the real world!?


Crooked economics, crooked minds, crooked politics, crooked speechs and attitude.

Is there something right about Notley and the NDP?

Likely not.


ND p-eee-ism and unions "best before" dates expired a long time ago.


Notley you evil evil biitch


I have to wonder if there was a female stripper on stage with at the NDP convention, would there be push back. My guess is you bet your butt there would be push back. Screaming in the aisles in fact. And these guys want to run (oops ruin) the province.


David Eggen is a demented, twisted, and morally corrupt person. There is absolutely no way he should be representing the good people of Edmonton and absolutely no way he should be education minister to our precious children!


I agree but yet what is wrong with the 'good people' who voted for him?


Looking sane and being sane are not the same thing.


💥every comment here shows how fearful everyone is of anybody who is different… all tough guys with your cussing and swearing. I feel sorry for you all. It’s no wonder that trans (or gay) people are so persecuted in our society, why their suicide rates are off the charts, why they are homeless. Judgement and persecution is still alive and well in the Alberta of 2023.

Sometimes I feel that in Canada that we are not red-necked idiots like many of our American neighbors… not so! We have the same bottom of the bucket bullies. Shame on you all. Have fun living with yourselves in your huge evangelistic churches with your phobic souls. You have my pity.

AB Sovereignty

For those of us that are morally grounded, exotic dancers doing a quasi-striptease in front of children AND at a political function is HIGHLY inappropriate. I get that you don't see that, very typical of the woke.

...and you don't have my pity, because I really couldn't care less about woke-folk.


Totally agree! Stop pushing “Wokism” in my face!🤬


Sorry to point out that social policies based on moral corruption is never the answer to have a strong and welcoming society for people who are different. It's the fact as well that these people won't leave our traditional Canadian values and way of life alone. You can no longer just live your life and raise your children safely. Every aspect of what made Canada great has been under attack. Liberalism and focus on people's sexual preferences is actually absurd. Yet the left keeps pushing it like it's such a major thing, now why is that? They have turned that into a cultists religion. People they come here need to be welcomed in to our society. That is fine but they don't want to. Why is that? Then why are they here then? Well it look into it. They don't want all this woke left junk being pushedon them by the schools and political parties that push It. Or immigrants see that this country is NOT where to raise their kids


Whatever consenting ADULTS do in their own bedrooms is of no business if mine. I do not believe we should be exposing children to these sexualized performances of any kind LGBTQ or straight. Schools should not be pushing these agendas on our children and should be focusing on teaching the basics and promoting critical thinking and not brainwashing and cancel culture. I would not describe myself as particularly religious and feel your comments about Christianity are divisive-I believe there are other religions (eg Muslim) that do not go along with this either so why just call out Christians? I do not have a phobic soul and do not need or accept your pity.


To CriticalThinkingAnyone? Do what you want with your friends in your own homes, or night clubs. Do not push your views on others, particularly the youth of our nation.

Rusty Pipes

It is clear exactly what the NDP stand for and are trying their best to promote. They would wish to destroy the social morality, Christian religion and ethic fabric in our society and replace that with their brand of perverted and pedo-sexualized debauchery. If that is not enough they would also wish to bankrupt our government coffers to support their woke failed and energy destruction and replace our educational curriculum with their woke, left wing, Marxist and perverted sexualized ideologies. The NDP are a vile and destructive cancer in our society.

Ronald J.

Some things never change in a bissaro world and this is a prime example. Are you surprised?


Unbelievable. I was “riveted” with the “performance” in the same way as when someone is picking their nose in public and eating it and you just can’t take your eyes away. Then later you are sick to your stomach. This is not “performing art”. This is not talent. It’s boring as h-e-l-l and even worse these people are now “a dime a dozen”. Get a life you idiots.


NDP hoards. How so have we fought fascist leftists in ww2, Korea and Vietnam and yet here they are in our country, large as life. Pure scum.

AB Sovereignty

Yup, sounds like the NDP and all that support them.


Such boring people. Even with a weirdo drag queen around you can sense how stuffy that room feels.


Well, that is as sick as it gets...NDP this YOU?

free the west

Just the headline photo scares me.


Is that a drag queen standing behind Notley?


The more I hear about the NDP, the more anti-union I become. After all, the unions are the power of the NDP and those unions don't seem to care about anything, or anyone regardless of age, who would come between their power and their pockets.

Boris Hall

Obviously the old rhino hide fascist is pro pedophile

Just like her mentor and pedophile hero Trudeau

And Trudeau’s wife Jugmeat (deep throat) Singh

Left Coast

These Dipper Marxist are sicko's . . . .

Next they will be having Pedo Parties & AR15 Training for Trannies . . .

Woodrow George



Wtf does this have to do with politics. Gawd the leftys are sickos.

Woodrow George

Consenting adults? Sure, do whatever. But when children are exposed to a bloke dressed as a woman with his b@ll$ & k0k packed tightly into a pair of tighty-whiteys, this is grooming behavior and an attempt at normalization.

Just my two cents worth but a vote for the NDP is a vote for grooming in our schools.

Parents beware!




Reason #2023 as to why we don't want to see another NDP government in Alberta.

They support adult entertainment for children.

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