Three guards watch as a fourth manhandles Danielle Stephanie Warriner; what took place behind the wall is not captured on film. Warriner, who suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, had refused instructions to pull her mask up from her chin to her nose.

Danielle Stephanie Warriner is dead because she didn’t wear a COVID-19 mask.

The virus didn’t get her. She didn’t test COVID-19 positive.

Warriner 2

Having been restrained, an apparently unconscious Warriner is wheeled away. She died 16 days later.

Senior Columnist (Manitoba)

Linda Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard based out of Winnipeg. She has been an investigative columnist for the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and Alberta Report.

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Killing people for not wearing mask so that they don't die of covid requires little intelligence, none of which MPs and MLAs have.


#NoAmnesty for all people who enforced the mandates, bullying to comply, restrictions, tickets, arrests, and shutdowns of businesses FULLY KNOWING IT WAS WRONG TO DO. -- ARREST THEM, JUDGE THEM AND PUNISH THEM SEVERELY. ANY TIME A PERSON KNOWS ITS VERY WRONG AND DOES IT ANYWAY, THEY ARE GUILTY. So many people got foreclosed, lost their businesses, children turned away from HOSPITALS, people barred from being able to be at their Mom or Dad's deathbed. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. Even TURDEAU couldnt find enough officers to beat back protesters in Ottawa. He brought in United Nations crowd control to beat, trample and tear gas Canadians.


This case is but the latest in a number of court cases one would have thought were obvious and should proceed at the very least to set precedent. The tragedy of this story aside, I find the most disturbing outcome of COVID policies has been the lack of accountability and the rallying of the courts behind the governments so cases can't be heard and argued properly.

LOL (Little Old Lady)

Excellent article. I am sincerely afraid as I age that I may become a victim of this mindset.

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