Pierre Poilievre

Politicians spent the last two years giving themselves pay raises while the rest of us suffered through pay cuts, tax hikes, inflation and restrictions.

The insult to injury? It’s the increasingly well-heeled politicians who are responsible for the pain many everyday Canadians are going through.

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Canada needs a General Strike and a Tax Revolt to force an election!


You would have to clean house of all career politicians. Where were they during Covid? Now they think they are all great again

Mars Hill

The sucking sound in this article is deafening.


No politician will ever put in place a meaningful recall. PP is no exception. He is a federalist hack, just like all the rest. Alberta is just as screwed with him in place as it would be with Charest, Trudeau, or any other federalist.

Canada is a parasite. The only way forward for Alberta is to kill the parasite and move forward truly free.


Hopefully the recall is not as challenging as Kenney's


How about we just split? Why do we continue to allow ourselves to be abused? Recalls, referendums, will not change a thing. The system is the problem. The system is unfair, it’s slanted to have a PM beholden to Quebec and the east, easterners hate Alberta(I have no idea why) all you need to do is read the comment section of any major news rag, you will see hate and vitriol for the people of Alberta. If the PM does not cater to Quebecs needs he will never be PM, the east, and Quebec have lived a life of luxury off the hard work of western Canadians, and they hate us for it. So why do we continue to allow ourselves to be abused? For love

Of Country? Why do we love a country that hates us back? I cannot think of one single thing that is beneficial to remaining as part of confederation, not a single thing. Can anyone explain to me what the west benefits from being part of confederation? We have shipped 100s of billions of dollars to the east, they have used OUR money to make THEIR lives easier, while slapping us down, Ottawa has given more power to themselves, Quebec has more representation in all aspects of government than their population should allow, The east coast is over represented with more power than population should allow, and at every step of the way, Ottawa has stomped on us, tried to shut down our resources, now they are attacking our farming and ranching. Where does it end? Well it doesn’t end. The Liberals may lose an election or two, but they use western dollars to buy votes in the east, and it will starts all over again. Time to end this abusive relationship, time for the west to be free f the Dictators of Ottawa.

Free Canada

You sound like a Liberal Operative that just wants people in the west chasing their tail with separation thoughts that have about a 1% chance of ever being successful. Strategic planning and using our economic power is how we fight JT. Look at Ab,Sask, MB regarding fertiliser bans. They just got together and said to JT…. F you. This is like civil disobedience. Over time Canada has slowly been turned into a centralised form of government, with too much power in Ottawa. This must be reversed. And all provinces want their power back. All provinces and the people of these provinces want Ottawa to have way less power. There fore, provinces can amend the constitution just a little to give them back the power they were always meant to have. Have a nice day.


I think I must have hurt your little feelings by calling you out a few days ago. Would

You like a tissue? It’s a Fn comment bub, get over it, or you can cry, I don’t really care.


Either concept is problematic. Separation while an interesting concept is highly unlikely to occur, Amending the constitution is extremely difficult and requires a great deal of buy in. Also unlikely - especially when considering the individual provinces/territories competing for advantages and the federal government stirring the proverbial pot.

Is there a solution? Perhaps but it will require a lot of thought and support of a clear majority of Canadians. The first step may be education and critical thinking skills. Not something currently encouraged.


Back to the ancient Greek democracy where it all really began. I like it.

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