Trudeau at COP 26

Flanked by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, Prime Minister Trudeau speaks at the UN COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, U.K. on November 1st, 2021. Former MP Paul Forseth comments that climate change is more religion than science, and government policies informed by it are both ineffective and ruining the economy.

Justin Trudeau came to power as Prime Minister in 2015 promising Canadians they would be able to "wake and bake" while revelling in his government's “sunny ways” style of politics.

Voters flocked to Trudeau’s message of optimism which stood in sharp contrast to the dowdy and increasingly autocratic leadership of Stephen Harper. But that was eight years ago, the sunny ways have set, and no one is revelling.

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Yet the East will still vote for Him and his political poison, with no regard for Canada, its people or its international relations. Corruption, ineptitude and sedition have no value to those who support this cabal of the politically inept. Our political system is flawed and I for one cannot see change on the horizon.


Anyone 50 years ago, possessing the ability to hear in one ear or see with one eye, learnt very quickly someone with the name Trudeau was a fraud & very destructive to Canada. Small wonder, with 0 depth to Trudope jr.'s genealogy pool, he came into the world with 3 strikes. Unfortunately, history seems to repeat itself. Stephen Harper may have seemed boring & autocratic in 2015, & though I wasn't in agreement with all he said & did, Canada, under his leadership, was the envy of most in the world, & on very solid footings domestically. A Conservative slogan in 2015 was..."Trudeau is not ready". Sure didn't take long to prove just how correct that was.


It's unfortunate so many Canadians do not pay attention to what the Liberals are doing to Canada.

I can understand they get home from work after a long commute, eat supper, watch the hockey game or some other form or relaxation and go to bed and just don't want to be involved with politics.

Fortunately, their spouse or even themselves are now waking up to the costs of everything they purchase. Hopefully they will associate the increases with the reckless spending by Trudeau and think about their next X on the ballot.




It's a shame that the ROC didn't pay heed to the Wests ,especially Alberta's, warning about Trudeau. They needed to remember that Albertans have faced this Eastern, Laurention, cabal in the not to distant past. We had to face down this corrupt cabal who were intent upon a massive theft by the Pierre Trudeau lieberals. Little Justie learned well from his father (?). And so here we are. Realizing the same outcome from the same culprits. Massive inflation, unaffordable fuel prices, gross interest rates. But I guess we can now add food shortages and uncontrolled food costs.


There is n Western Nation that can afford Trudeau or Fascist liberals


Hitting rock bottom is the only way to make some people see reality. I fear that is what it's going to take for the tru-anons. AB and SK will survive, not hopeful for the ROC.


Let the ROC sink into a Liberal Fascist state, that's exactly what they keep voting for. In the meantime, build a massive wall around AB & SK.


Ya I’ve never experienced seeing someone that caused me so much anxiety and anger just from seeing their fake look on their face. Thanks Trudeau your unbearable to even look at. Chystia freedland pretty nauseating also. Liberals must like baby talk


I don't't think people fully understand (nor possibly yet believe all the writing on the wall) that this regime is working to destroy the current capitalist financial system (together with a large percentage of bought western governments) for roll over to a WEF driven global digital control system. They don't seem to understand how much they and their children stand to lose thru such a process. And the ultimate realization is total totalitarian govt. control via digital implementations. They call it stakeholder capitalism, but analysts have deemed it stakeholder communism. There IS a tipping point, and for Canada, that is with the next election. Due to the money behind this movement, it will require a significant conservative majority to get the election over the top.


RD your statements are True and Accurate!!




100%, well said.




Whenever I see his face on screen I immediately want to turn it off. He is far worse than the most hated PM which is his daddy whoever it may be. I wanted to go to Pierre's funeral basically to make sure he was dead and to pee on his grave.

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