BROWN: As ‘Fortress Toronto’ crumbles, so too will the Trudeau Liberals

Don Stewart, the victorious Conservative candidate in the Toronto St. Paul's byelection. For the Liberals, it's the beginning of the end, says Alexander Brown from the National Citizens Coalition.
Don Stewart, the victorious Conservative candidate in the Toronto St. Paul's byelection. For the Liberals, it's the beginning of the end, says Alexander Brown from the National Citizens Coalition.Courtesy CBC

How do the Liberals loathe thee? Let us count the ways.

At record lows in the polls, with 75% of the country in open polling revolt against a country needlessly and relentlessly broken, the Liberals and the soon-to-be-vanquished deputy PM attacked the overwhelming majority of Canadians as being supportive of policies that are “cold, cruel, and small.”

At a time when both millennials and Gen-Z have given up on the dream of home ownership, the Liberals continue to scuttle supply and demand, as they blow through immigration checks and balances in the haphazard pursuit of a mass-immigration moonshot to suppress wages, replace young Canadian workers and hide a growth-less economy, through Dominic Barton’s “Century Initiative.”

This was cooked up and served to the prime minister (then a back-bench MP) behind closed doors at a discreet Muskoka weekend in 2011.

Escalating concerns surrounding foreign interference, and real-live traitors in government have been continuously met with flippant cries of “boo hoo, get over it,” from backbench attack dogs.

And as church burnings and shocking acts of allowed anti-Semitism continue unabated, the Liberals have preferred to focus on imaginary social divisions such as the relitigation of a woman’s right to choose, which isn’t happening. and the rise of the so-called “far right,” which, as far as we can tell, constitutes a Liberal from nine years ago.

Great forests will fall to harvest the pulp that’s about to be wasted as Liberal pundits scramble to make sense of losing Yonge and St. Clair and ‘fortress Toronto,’ or why entire wagon trains of Ontarians are fleeing west to Alberta for reasons of abundance and opportunity, when the evidence, and the answers as to why, have been obvious to many from the jump.

They hate you — the Trudeaus, the Freelands, the Guilbeaults and the Millers.

Or at least, they hate your Canada. They resent what it once was, and what it should be again.

To the modern effete Canadian, a protected class that grows smaller by the day as the undeniable realities of a broken nation that’s back-sliding out of the Developed World settle in, Canada is a “post-national” experiment; a self-indulgent grad school thesis; an international airport; a bureaucratic make-work project.

How else can one explain dropping “cold, cruel, and small” when polls were still open in Midtown Toronto, just hours before it’s made clear to the nation that the beginning of their end is nigh? That a lost decade under the Trudeau Liberals will finally — mercifully — be coming to an end?

Liberal MPs have abandoned their base, and instead pursued the outer recesses of fringe radical support and the broader diasporic grievance vote.

That is, when even the centre-left, middle-class dad who’s had his car stolen twice, his taxes hiked again, and needs an armed guard for his kids at Shabbat service… when even he gets the “basket of deplorables” treatment from the politicians he once supported, every Liberal stronghold is up for grabs."

“Fortress Toronto” has fallen. The pretend centre of the Liberal universe is falling. And we all know why.

What’s more troubling is how the Liberals likely know as well, yet they continue to ignore you, break the country and try to salt the earth for Trudeau’s replacement.

All we can do in response is to work harder than ever to make sure this government is indeed retired — and to salt the earth for Trudeau's LIBERAL replacement accordingly.

Alexander Brown is the Director of Communications for the National Citizens Coalition, and the writer and editor of the best-selling Acceptable Views newsletter on Substack.

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